Technical news

  • [dumps] – Dumps are becoming more regular now and are actually working, thanks to Foundation developer Tomasz Finc.  Two new mailing lists were created to discuss dumps.
  • [Abuse Filter] – After all the research done by the English Wikipedia, many other wikis have reached consensus about activating the Abuse Filter and are now carefully exploring the possibilities (including: alswiki, arwp, elwp, fiwp, hewp, nlwb, nlwp, ruwp, svwp, zhwp).
  • [Books & PDF] – In April a new function was enabled to make “books” of pages of the wiki. The added pages can be stored, exported as PDF or OpenDocument. Also is there the option to order your “book” (= collection of wiki-pages) in print. It is enabled on most projects and wikis but not on all. Look for a book toolbox in the side menu.

On the English Wikipedia this function is removed again after objections of the community. On most Wikis is there also an option to download a PDF-version of the page.

Request for help

  • [wikizine] – Wikizine is planning on becoming more regular and to do that, we need your help.  Please post news tips or even help us with writing by joining the editors mailing list.



  • [licensing update] – The licensing update vote results are now available. 75% has voted in favor of the license update (with 14% remaining neutral). 43% of all votes came form the Enlgish language Wikipedia.

This means that the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike (CC-BY-SA) license will be be added in addition to the current GNU Free Documentation License (GFDL) CC-BY-SA) for most of the Wikimedia Foundation projects. Actual change of the license on the sites will be arround the 15th of June.


  • [Maker Faire-SF] – The Wikimedia Foundation is planning to have a booth at the San Francisco Maker Faire again this year.  If you’re near SF, stop by and say hi or volunteer to help out with the booth!
  • [Wiki Loves Art/NL] – In collaboration with Creative Commons NL, the Dutch Wikimedia chapter, Wikimedia Nederland, is organizing Wiki Loves Art/NL this June.  More than 30 museums and other inheritanc-agencies are cooperating with volunteers to free their collections, amongst them the well-known Van Gogh museum.  More information:




  • [ta.wp] – Tamil Wikipedia got a nice article in “The Hindu”.  New account creations on that wiki doubled on the day the article was published.
  • [Censors of Wikipedia?] – an article with comments from our General Counsel, Mike Godwin, about the censorship of Wikipedia in the UK a few months back.


  • [de.wp] – The German Wikipedia has reached 900,000 articles.

Other news

  • [Marriage for CTO] – Brion Vibber, the Chief Technical Officer for the Foundation, got married this weekend.  Congratulations to Brion & Marti!

Did you know …

… that there are also browser, operating system (and more) statistics of the projects available?


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