Technical news

  • [Oversight] – the OverSight function to remove edits is replaced with a new OverSight function. Edits are now not longer removed from the history but hidden. A revision of a page can be hidden (not new), but you can also comments, log entry’s, user names or an ip address. And also define of that will be hidden also from administrators or not. This is live on all wikis (if there are users who have OverSight status)
  • [AbuseFilter] – A new extension “AbuseFilter” is nearly ready to be used and will probably be go live fairly soon on the English Wikipedia. This extension makes it possible to create rules that will invokes certain automatic reactions to user behavior of a user according to the programmed rules. That reaction can be like giving a warning, blocking a user or some other action. It is like the name indicates intended to help to protect the wiki against vandalism. This is a very powerful tool.
  • [Auto NOINDEX] – From now on when you block a user the user page and talk page those pages get the status “NOINDEX” so it will no longer show up in google anymore.
  • [E-mail us] – The email contact form to send an email to Wikipedia is gone. If you get surpisingly few emails in your local contact queue maybe this can the reason.
  • [Interwiki OTRS] – the links to OTRS tickets using the [[OTRS:Ticketnumber]] works again after around 6 months. When you make a new link use the new prefix [[Ticket:Ticketnumber]] instead because that has better changes to keep working in the long run.
  • [Suppressredirect] – ever had to revert page-move vandalism? or just move a page without leaving a redirect? This is no possible for sysops on all Wikimedia wikis thanks to a vote on Meta.
  • [Sex] – there is in the preferences section (user profile) an option now to specify your gender. That information is to support the function to present different interface messages depending on your sex. In some languages is text gender specific.

Request for help




  • [FOSDEM] – It is this upcoming weekend again FOSDEM in Brussels, Belgium, Europa, Sol3. On Sunday, the 8th of February, will Brion (Chief Technical Officer) give there a presentation about MediaWiki.
  • [MediaWiki meet-up] – It will take place in April 3.-5. in Berlin. The event is for everyone who works on MediaWiki, writes extensions, builds bots, writes scripts for the toolserver, or is otherwise interested in the technical aspects of Wikimedia.



  • [IT Wikipedia] – wins the “Premiolino”, which means “little award”, and is the most important Italian journalistic award. IT wp wins in the category “New media” for this reason:“(because) it’s a great, open, accessible for everyone, democratic encyclopedia, always updated in real time, very useful for every writer”. The award consists in a parchment and a 5000€ cheque.
  • [Character Approved] – An American television station “USA Network” has selected several people in different fields to give them an award. Jimmy Wales has been selected in the “New media” category. The prize money of $10,000 goes to the WMF. USA Network is also running clips of the “character approved” people, including Jimbo – and are so sending out a sort of advertisement for Wikipedia on TV for free.


  • [Google Knol] – ArtsTechnica has an evaluation of Google Knol six months later. There conclusion is that Wikipedia does not need to worry.
  • [Negative press] – The Indepentent has published a very negative article about Wikipedia and Wikimedia. Jay Walsh, Head of Communications of the WMF responded by means of the comment function of the article and stated “A number of the facts in the story are blatantly false, and further details are sloppily reported or incorrect.”

Other news

  • [New wiki-manual] – In January, a new user guide about Wikipedia was published by the University Press of Grenoble (France), in French language. The authors of this 80 pages guide are Guillaume Paumier (aka guillom) and Florence Devouard (aka Anthere). The user-guide is published under the GFDL and has already been transferred to Wikibooks. The book is for sale in paper version and electronic version.
  • [“Old” wiki-manual] – A user manual for Wikipedia that was published one year ago has been released under GNU/FDL by the publisher O’Reilly’s and is now on the EN wp for all.
  • [Epistemia] – Once again a new wiki Encyclopedia project is started like Wikipedia but also is different some how. Epistemia has strong emphasis on civil and polite conduct. If you are wishing it was like 6 years ago when Wikipedia was much smaller, and maybe also better from your POV, then maybe you start over at Espistima. The have vacancies there for editors and unborn policy pages to be written.
  • [AnswersWikia] – … and Wikia (Jimmy&Angela) has started AnswersWikia, what is just like A website where you ask questions and other people can answer those.


“Stock prices have reached what looks like a permanently high plateau.”

– Irving Fisher, Yale University Professor of Economics, 1929
(two weeks later, the stock market crashed and the Great Depression started)

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