Technical news

  • [arwp: New namespace] – the Arabic Wikipedia Community has agreed to create a new namespace called “Supplement”. It will contain most of date pages (days, months, years, decades, etc.), disambiguation pages and lists to give the exactly number of encyclopedic articles. There are about 6000 pages that will be moved to the new namespace. It may be possible that your community would like to apply the same idea.
  • [Commons: Off-site archive] – A off site archive for Commons and the XML snapshots will be added. Thanks are due to eBart consulting and User:Milosh for proving a backup server and storage array at their colocation facility in Europe. This server will store archives of our publicly available data of Wikimedia Commons and the XML snapshots.
  • [Passwords plz] – was an outside site that asked for Wikimedia passwords in order aggregate user watchlists across all projects for them. Although in this case it did not have a malicious intent, use of external sites asking for passwords place in risk the accounts used. Users are asked not to share their user password with any external site. Not even toolserver tools are allowed to request your password for any service. The site has now been shut down, and further analysis revealed that it had important vulnerabilities. Magnus Manske has created an alternative tool for people to use if they liked this feature.
  • [TS: Multi-maintainer tools] – the toolserver is pushing multi-maintainer tools and will be actively discouraging single maintainer ones. They want to encourage collaboration amongst toolserver users and make tools last even when one of the users disappears
  • [SVN account requests] – there’s a new process for requesting SVN accounts to the MediaWiki source code. Brion announced that he’ll be going through the queue every week, so if you have request throw them up on MediaWiki wiki. ;-)


  • [Geonotice + Wikinews/Commons?] – Sage Ross recently proposed something interesting: using an opt-in geonotice (notice that displays based on the location of your IP) to show local reporting or photographing opportunities. Hopefully this will help with one of the great frustrations that inhibit original reporting.



  • [NY Wiki-Conference] – the first New York City Wiki-Conference was a success with more than 100 people attending. The Signpost has a write-up about the event and there was also a twitter “report” with the tag #nywikiconference.
  • [Institutions editing] – the Tropenmuseum, a Dutch museum, was preparing to upload images to the Dutch Wikipedia until it’s account was blocked due to its name. Erik Möller (User:Eloquence, Deputy Director WMF) suggested on Commons-l that this is something we want to avoid — “these institutions are helping expand our content, we should Assume Good Faith and let our first impressions be friendly and professional”.
  • [WMUK: Schools project ML] – Wikimedia UK has started a new mailing list for its schools project, dedicated to creating a Wikipedia version with selected articles for schools. Interested parties are welcome to subscribe.



Other news

Did you know …

… parody is the highest form of flattery?
[Bigipedia] – BBC Radio launched a “broadwebcasting” show parodying the internet by mocking pop-ups, search boxes and other aspects of online activity. Produced and directed by Pozzitive, the four-part series is called ‘Bigipedia’ and has taken its inspiration from Wikipedia. If you can appreciate British humor, check it out.

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