• [fossevents] – a new site (run by the same people who run IRC network Wikimedia uses, Freenode) just opened up that showcases FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) Events around the world, big and small. Be sure to add your upcoming Wikimedia events and look for others that interest you!


  • [New Wikipedia] – The founding of “Wikipedia”, the large Western language Wikipedias, may seem to lay in the distant past, new Wikipedia’s are still founded. The Mari Wikipedia is the newest family member
  • [GLAM] – in the lead up to GLAM-WIKI (August 6-7), Wikimedia Australia is holding an editors’ challenge (like a friendly competition) with the overall theme of “Australian GLAM” (GLAM stands for “Galleries, Libraries, Archives & Museums”).  The idea is to pick your own editing theme and submit it, along with the edits you make related to it. Prizes will be awarded for the most extensive, creative, impressive, novel, broad, deep, etc. edits.
  • [WMDE: ED/Vision] – we previously noted that Wikimedia Deutschland was looking for a new Executive Director; they’ve finally found one after a year! The new director is Pavel Richter (w:de:User:Schreibvieh) and he was the unanimous choice of both the search committee and the board. Sebastian, chair of WMDE’s board and the current director, also published a blog post describing the newly defined vision for Wikimedia’s first and largest chapter.
  • [ENWP: 3 million?] – What will the 3 millionth article on the English Wikipedia be?  A few community members are making guesses on what article that will be, be sure to add your guess too!
  • [India: Meetup] – everyone seems to be linking to a report on the third Bangalore, India meetup.  The meetup seems like it was pretty successful and the agenda included a large number of topics, these are discussed in the meetup report.
  • [Wikinews] – the English Wikinews is doing good. It has an active community, does exclusive interviews, is indexed by Google News and now the have almost 15000 news story’s written. But not all Wikinews editions are so. On Meta is there now a proposal to close down the dutch language Wikinews due to a structural lack of activity.



Other news

Did you know …

… what a “sock puppet” is?
No??? – Strange, are you sure that you are a Wikimedian? – In any case, you can look it up now. No, not (only) in “the dictionary the anyone can edit”, but also in the more traditional “Merriam Webster’s 2009 dictionary of English”. It says it is “a word to describe a false account used for deceptive purposes”.


There is a world market for maybe five computers – Thomas Watson, IBM, 1943

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