Technical news

  • [Global blocking] – Stewards are now able to block an IP address or range from editing on all Wikimedia projects (except Meta). This option is intended to be used with restraint and for a short time frame.
  • [Robots.txt] – this is file that exists to control what pages are allowed to be indexed by a search engine. Basically you can use it to keep stuff out of Google. A recent added magic word __NOINDEX__ gives the same result on a specific page. Until now only the developers could edit the robots.txt for all WMF-projects. But now it there a new MediaWiki-page to control that. There is a central part of the Robots.txt that is not in local control. But on the page [[MediaWiki:Robots.txt]] you specify wiki-specific instructions for the spiders of the search engines.
  • [Global bot] – it is now possible for bots to get a global bot status.
  • [New tools] – Several users have created external tools for analyzing the history of articles. Statistics, a history search function, page view diagrams.
  • [Flood flag] – only at Meta, but it can be requested for other wikis also, is the now the flag “flood”. It is actually exactly the same as the “bot flag” only is it named “Flood”. The idea is that when a sysop wishes to do many  similar, repetitive and non-controversial changes then that user can ask for the “flood”-flag on a bureaucrat. The result is like with a bot that the edits are hidden by default.




  • [Books] – It was announced this week that three books were published relating to Wikipedia.  Lennart Guldbrandsson from Wikimedia Sverige wrote a book in Swedish titled “Så fungerar Wikipedia”, which translates to “How Wikipedia works”.  Wikimedia Sweden also has its first WikiReader available (about Swedish Birds).Also, a few English Wikipedians wrote their own book  “How Wikipedia Works” (same title, different book then the Swedish) and they were published around the same time.  This book was written by Phoebe Ayers, Charles Matthews, and Ben Yates. Wikizine is mentioned in it on page 345 in chapter 12.
    Earlier in 2008 was also published the book the book “Wikipedia: The Missing Manual”. (ISBN 0596515162)

  • [EO Wikipedia] – the Esperanto Wikipedia is proud of there new main page design. From a text only layout in 2001 has it grown in several steps to the current modern look that was elected out of 7 proposals.
  • [source:”Wikinews”] – Wikinews is now partially listed on google news (due to flagged revs). The are still working on meeting google’s requirement of unique numbers in URLs, so so far only lead articles have been listed. Before this only mirrors of Wikinews where listed.
  • [RU wiki] – On October 18 and 19 Moscow will play host to the second international Russian-language Wiki-conference related to Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, as well as other Wikimedia projects. Registrations are open.


  • [Sweden] – Recently the former national telephone company of Sweden (and still the biggest telephone company in Sweden) ran a commercial for their mobile internet. The commercial ran like this: three men sit in a outside oak hot tub. One of them tell the others about how a former king planted oaks in Sweden. The others say: “Well, you know a lot.” Another goes out of the water, is gone for a few moments, comes back and gives a comprehensive description of oaks, including their Latin name, while the others are more and more impressed. Then we cut to a sign that says: “Wikipedia in your mobile phone.”


Other news

  • [Delitionpedia] – Where do articles go to when the get deleted?” –  The go to Deletionpedia.
  • [Wikizine] – the good news; Wikizine ID – the Indonesian language version of Wikizine is back after its formal closure in April 2008. This thanks to the effort of [[meta:user:REX]]. The bad news; DE Wikizine – the German language version of Wikizine is now formally closed because of lack of support.
  • [Wikisage] – Wikisage, a “second generation wiki encyclopedia”, is founded by Guido den Broeder. The active users have most a Dutch language Wikipedia background. The difference is that users can also write essays, so a personal POV. And some users can become labeled as an “expert” and be in charge of certain articles. Basically the expert voice gets more important than on Wikipedia. The project exists in Dutch and English but the Dutch version is stronger on this moment.
  • [Interwiki sync] – A page on Meta is created to discus interwiki synchronization problems.
  • [681 hits for wikipedia] – to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Google the have put online a dump of google from January 2001. Wikipedia was founded on January 15, 2001. In this google there are 681 hits for “wikipedia”, now it is 251 million.

Was ist das?

Well, if you not know it you look it up .. and there is a very handy FF extension to do so in Wiktionary.

Users of FireFox can install the WikiLook exstension. When installed you just press shift and point to a word in a text. And you get in a small overlay screen the dictionary description of it and a link to look it up in Wikipedia. English language editions only. But due the multi-language nature of Wiktionary the extension remains useful also for non-English language users.


“If a man speaks in a forest and there is no woman to hear him, is he still wrong?”

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