• [Board elections: round 1] – The first round of the board elections are over. The candidates who are confirmed will now be listed as actual candidates in the election. There where 18 candidates. 15 of them passed the endorsements procedure. Most of the candidates received support that exceeded the necessary 12 endorsements many times.  There was one very late submission of candidacy about 6 hours before the closing of the deadline for submissions and endorsements. In those few hours this candidate received 36 endorsements.
  • [Board elections: round 2] – The vote is open now and this until 2007-07-07, 23:59 UTC.  The link to that page to vote can be found in the site-notice. To have voting rights if the are active on any Wikimedia wiki for at least 3 months before 2007-06-01 and have at least 400 edits before that date on that wiki. You can have voting rights on several wikis but only one will count. Do not do that, vote only on one wiki.
There are 3 candidates that will be elected in this elections for a 2 year term on the board. Despite there are only 3 places to fill voters are free to vote for as many or few candidates the want to do. The system that is used is called “Approval voting”.  See article to see what that means.

New this election is that there is an external partner to oversee the elections; “Software in the Public Interest”. This to ensure the neutrality of the election.


  • [Portal] – The wikis of the projects are language specific, not country specific. But the national domain name is often the logical version of the domain people use to go to a wiki. The National domain name ”” has been redirecting to the German language Wikipedia for many years. This has now changed. It goes now to a sort of portal and search page for the German Wikipedia and Wikipedias in languages that are also spoken in Germany that have a official minority status.

New project proposals

Statement by candidate Frieda


I’m Frieda.
Usually I’m on time, but I arrived late and in hurry with my nomination and here too..
Months ago I was thinking about this election and I decided not to candidate myself this year because few people know me and Wikimedia Italia still needs (I think) my help.
But Saturday afternoon I was reading and discussing the other candidates’ statements with other wikimedians and I found many ideas that I cannot agree with, therefore I wrote my statement.
I want to underline, among the rest, two points:

  • every Wikimedia project is equally important
  • Chapters are essential to WMF
You can find my full statement and Q&A on meta. I’m sorry in advance if my answers are too pithy :-)

Wikizine provides the candidates for the board election who are interested to do so a forum to present there self to the community. This is not a sign of support by Wikizine for those candidates. This offer to the candidates has now expired.

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