Technical news

-[Rename user] This option is disappeared. No news why or if it will return.

-[Nuke] On the Wiki of Meta the is an new option for sysops “Massdelete” (Special:Nuke). This tool allows for mass deletions of pagesrecently added by a given user or IP.

-[Korean Wikipedia] has moved to the Yahoo-cluster in Korea. This is thefirst real use of this cluster. Other East Asian wikis will follow.

-[IRC-Wikimedia] the IRC-channels of the Wikimedia have moved. All#prefix.wikixxx has changed.

-[IRC-usernames] Freenode will also change policy for the usernames. Notyet active.


-[Wikinews] will now be using the Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 License


-[Alexa] says Wikipedia is now around the 32th most popular website

Other news

-[deads] French core contributor dies