Technical news

  • [Auto patrol] – If a user has the “autopatrol” right, then their edits are auto-marked as patrolled. If a user does not have this right, then they can not mark their own edits as patrolled in the normal fashion.
  • [Check user] – the interface for check user has been changed. There is now a field to provide a reason for the check. The log where you can see that can only been seen by checkusers.




  • [Something Search] – This weeks buzz is the news of a new project of Wikia for a search engine site. The idea is to make a “wiki-inspired search engine”. As usually several media mixed up Wikia and Wikipedia. Also a screenshot form the unrelated Wikia project “Wikisearch” that currently is in beta and not open is to the public caused confusion.


  • [vls.wikipedia] – The West Flemish Wikipedia reaches 1,000 articles. This Wikipedia has only started in April 2006. The idea of Wikipedia in this dialect was not taken serious by many when founded and regarded as a “joke-wikipedia”. Now this Wikipedia has jumped over many other older Wikipedias and is now a viable Wikipedia.
  • [nl.wikipedia] – And the have now passed the 250,000 mark with an article about Pierre Soulages, a French painter, engraver and sculptor.

Other news

 Did you know …

… what a Wikipedia Christmas-vote is?

A Christmas vote is an around the 24the of December on Wikipedia organized advisory poll.  The objective is to — on completely informal basis — figure out of Wikipedia is or not an appropriate place for wishing your fellow man pleasant Christmas days.


Never trust an operating system you don’t have sources for.
— Unknown source

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