Technical news

  • [AntiSpoof] – there is a new check when creating a new account live to prevent the creation of new accounts who look like existing users. For example if there is a user named “Ellen” the creation of the account “E11en” is not allowed.
  • [Math skills are needed] to make a new account on some of the smaller projects. To protected wikis from bots making accounts or inserting spam a captcha system is active on the smaller wikis. To save a page of make an account you need to answer a problem like 48-10=? . This is because there are problems in loading the images displaying the letters of the classic captcha-system. The math version is only temporally until the problem with the loading of the images is fixt.
  • [Default block settings] – the default option when a sysop blocks a user to block logged in user by default seems to make a good change to be changed to not blocking logged in users by default when blocking an ipadress. To override the default options see Wikizine number 34





  • [Wikisource]
    – the WMF project for source texts – is doing good. Or at least the German language version. The German Wikimedia chapter has found some money to pay the digitization of some very old books and documents. The scans are from a very good quality and presented in such a way that the are very accessible. The digital version of a 16th-century handwritten mathematical schoolbook is uploaded to Commons as a DjVu-file. Commons is able to present those files in such a way that is very user friendly and fast to browse inside the book. DE Wikisource is also working on transcribing the scans to writing that is readable for the public.

  • [New Internal Media] – The internal news reporting community is growing. We have the Wikipedia Signpost; Wikipedia news in a more or less newspaper style, we have Wikizine; (very) sort items and url’s for more reading. And now there is also the newbie; the “WikipediaWeekly” is  bringing news about Wikipedia in an audio-recoding form.
    w:en:User:Fuzheado and w:en:User:Tawker are the hosts of the pilot edition. The bring the news and background information about news and events related to Wikipedia in a very relaxed style. More like a radio talk show then a classic news bulletin. WikipediaWeekly will attempt to bring on a weekly basis a new audio-recording. The recoding is currently now available as Ogg Vorbis and Mp3, it is listed on iTunes and there is a webbased player on there website.
A previous project to bring Wikipedia news in audio form, Signpost Audio, lasted only 3 editions. People interested in making this new project a success can go to the IRC channel
#wikipediaweekly and see how you can help out.



Other news

  • [Service notice] – the url of website of Wikizine has changed to This is to make it more easy to launch posible other languages versions of Wikizine in the futhere. Currently has Wikizine barely the resources to support one language version so other versions must not be exspected soon.

Did you know …

… you can move around the tab pages of some programs?

Programs that let you open windows in the same frame but in different tabs are popular. Mostly know is FireFox but also programs like the instant messaging  program Gaim is using that. Try it. Click on the tab, keep it selected and try to move it.


“We congratulate those in charge of Wikipedia, especially Jimmy Wales, who could have chosen to censor their own site to get official blessing. Instead they stuck to their principles and spurned self-censorship. Their determination has paid off inasmuch as Beijing has partially reversed its decision. It is an example that other Internet giants could follow.” — Reporters Without Borders