Technical news

  • [X_FORWARD] An old problem : users who have done nothing wrong are blocked
    because the IP they are using is used by others who share the same ISP. This
    has been known as the “bug 550″ problem. In some cases a solution is now
    possible : when the ISP provides an “X-Forwarded-For” [XFF] header. Users of
    those ISPs have their real local IP address included when contacting a
    webserver. The configuration of the wiki can be changed so that the IP address
    provided in the XFF header is used for the identification on the wikis and
    blocks, at least when provided from specific IP addresses. Users from these
    ISPs can then edit even when other users on the same network have been
  • [Hide language] On Meta and some other projects, there are very multilingual
    pages. So multilingual, that it can be annoying to look for content between all
    the different languages. There is now a work-in-progress solution to show only
    specific languages. A Java-script version is live on Meta now.
  • [FireFox&GoogleToolbar] A bug has been discovered for people using FireFox and
    the GoogleToolbar and edit MediaWiki. When editing a large page, if one goes to
    another tab -> loads a page there -> goes back to the tab where originally
    editing, text from the edit window will have been cut. After deinstalling
    Google Toolbar, this bug disappears.

Requests for help

  • [Wikimania] Wikimania media and writing contest : Nominations and curators are
    needed for a free content competition and artshow — to cover video, sound,
    images, and text of many varieties from all Wikimedia projects.
  • [Survey] about “Wikis in Enterprises”. w:de:User:Avatar is doing his diploma
    thesis about this. So if you work at – or even only know a company which uses
    wikis as collaboration tools, find some spare minutes and do the survey. You
    are helping a fellow Wikimedian with his thesis and are helping with scientific
    research about wikis. There are more useless things to do with your time then

New project proposals




  • [en.wikipedia] now has over 1000 articles with “Featured Article” status. Those
    articles should be the best articles of the English Wikipedia.


  • [Wikimania] Registration opens for Wikimania Hacking Days, which will have
    discussions about the present and future of MediaWiki design, and Wikimedia
    tools and hardware. Requires registration for Wikimania itself.
  • [Wikipedia Academy] A “Wikipedia Academy” gathering and conference is to be held
    June 16 and 17 in Göttingen, Germany, supported by Wikimedia Deutschland. The
    program will include workshops and presentations, and a talk by Jimbo.



Did you know …

… that according to Alexa, the 3 month Traffic Rank
for 16
for 666 (*)
for 3,701
for 4,108
for 4,316
for 10,605
for 11,563
for not in top 100,000… yet.

and the Avg. Review for is 5 stars?

(*) Wikispecies and Wikimedia Commons are using the domain and are
included in the rank of

Mac bashing Quotes

“The memory management on the PowerPC can be used to frighten small
– Linus Torvalds.

[ robT] Name ONE thing that your windows comp can do that my MAC cant
[ bawss] Right click.

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