=== Technical news ===

[Semi-protection] is now active on all wikis. Semi-protection of a page prevents unregistered editors and editors with very new accounts editing that page. “Very new” is currently defined as four days. Sysops can change the status of a page. Making a policy to use this on your wiki is advisable
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Semi-protection_policy – for policy inspiration for your homewiki

[Recentchanges] You can now hide your own edits in the “recent changes” by adding a option to [[MediaWiki:Showhideminor]]. See for examples

[Undelete] Sysops can view the deleted pages. The view changed of those deleted pages is now changed. The revisions are now displayed as the wiki source code.

[Pipeline] – it is not yet so but it seems likely that soon bureaucrats will be able to give the bot flag. “Bot flag” means that a user gets the status that it is a “bot”, a computer program that makes edits on the wiki. With the bot flag on users have the option to exclude the edits of that user class from recent changes.

=== Request for Comments ===

[InstantCommons] – proposal to give all MediaWiki-wikis the option to use Wikimedia Commons media. Funding for this is available. Feedback is requested.

=== Foundation ===

[Wikimedia UK] officially exists. Official its name is “Wiki Educational Resources Limited” (WER), a company limited by guarantee and incorporated in England and Wales. WER will use “Wikimedia UK” as the operating name. WER will try to get the status as a charity. There are now 6 local chapters.

=== Community ===

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             .'       `(            @/            ')   ,--,__,-"
           /        /      \ /     /   _/
         __           ,   /         /
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     .~      `\    `  /  _/   _/
   .~          `\  ~~`__/    /
   ~             `--'/
                /   /    /
               /  /'    /jgs

[Baby] the son of Anthere is born. He is born on 8th of February and his name is Thomas.
Both mother and baby are doing great.


=== Media ===

[Babylon] is announcing the the have made a deal with the Wikimedia Foundation. And it looks like it is true. But there is no real information about it from the WMF yet.

=== Did you know … ===

… that Jimbo is bigger then Jesus? (source: googlefight)


=== MediaZilla-IRC Quotes ===

– Tried the outside world before. Didn’t like it too much. Can’t edit it; can’t even view source…

– [jwales] By sheer chance, the tree was close enough to an open free wifi port, so I was able to get on irc from the tree.

– [Raul654] …so, since we’re boned both ways, we might as well make a policy

– If there is nothing wrong, then something is seriously wrong.

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