The video recordings of Wikimania 2008 are online at the Biblotheca Alexandrina webcast section But these do not work if you are not using Windows it looks like.

To make it more esay to watch them Wikizine provides you with the direct links to the files. Try several players if needed. It seems to work mostly with VLC. But for some I needed Mplayer to get it working.

The “Kalura” videos are copys of the Biblotheca Alexandrina webcast streams. So there are not better but the are maybe more easy te view.

Overview of all Kaltura videos can be found at the Kalutra website at the Wikimania2008 section.

Opening Ceremony
Ahmed Darwish, Florence Devouard, Hoda Baraka, Ismail Serageldin
Thursday July 17, 2008

Wikimedia Foundation Board Panel
Domas Mituzas, Jan-Bart de Vreede, Jimmy Wales, Kat Walsh, Michael Snow
Thursday July 17, 2008Content creation strategies for emerging countries
Jürgen Galler
Thursday July 17, 2008

Keeping the Media accountable
Rhonda Shearer
Thursday July 17, 2008

New Paradigms For New Tomorrows
Ismail Serageldin
Thursday July 17, 2008

Recent Developments in Search Technology
Usama Fayyad
Friday July 18, 2008

Wikimedia and libraries
Jakob Voss, Phoebe Ayers, Sohair Wastawy, Tim Spalding
Friday July 18, 2008

Free Knowledge & Wikimedia Projects
Oliveir Hugot
Friday July 18, 2008