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Author: wikiadmin

Year: 2012 Week: 53 Number: 133

Technical news [Wikidata] – the new sister-project Wikidata is growing fast. By year’s end the will get up to 2 million records. In the works is now the interwiki language information, later on infoboxes and lists will follow....

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Year: 2012 Week: 4 Number: 132

The EN Wikipedia goes offline for 24 hours The community of the English language Wikipedia has decided to “blackout” the English Wikipedia for 24 hours. A sort of strike thus. The blackout goes in to effect from 05:00 UTC on...

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Anno Domini MMXII Week II Number CXXXI

Foundation [Terms Of Use] – On websites the “Terms of Use” are what most of us frequently indicate to agree with but never reed. Also Wikipedia has a “Terms of Use”. A “Terms of use” for Wikipedia came only to existence years...

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Wikizine Techflash – Year: 2011 Week: 40

Re-post: Hi again folks, We want to run another set of banners to recruit translators for the fundraiser this week, in some areas overlapping with the WLM banners. If it is alright with you we would like to do it the same way we...

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