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Year: 2012 Week: 53 Number: 133

Technical news [Wikidata] – the new sister-project Wikidata is growing fast. By year’s end the will get up to 2 million records. In the works is now the interwiki language information, later on infoboxes and lists will follow. At present the data of Wikidata is not yet used on any of the projects. The plans are to switch over the Hungarian language Wikipedia over to Wikidata for the use of there interwiki language links on January 14th 2013. What will that actually mean in practice? – When this function is enabled on a wiki the interwiki language links will be augmented with sitelinks injected in the Wikipedia article. It is unclear what will happen in the future for sitelinks in non-wikipedia articles. At least if there are sitelinks available at Wikidata about that topic. The current local language links must be removed otherwise they will override the Wikidata sitelinks. You will be able to edit these sitelinks on the local wiki with JavaScript. Changes made on the Wikidata sitelinks that effect a local Wikipedia will propagate to them, and also show up in the recent changes of that wiki. If for some reason a local wiki does not want that the injected interwiki language links show up on a specific page the parser function {{Noexternallanglinks}} can be used. When this function is active the net result is that the...

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Year: 2012 Week: 4 Number: 132

The EN Wikipedia goes offline for 24 hours The community of the English language Wikipedia has decided to “blackout” the English Wikipedia for 24 hours. A sort of strike thus. The blackout goes in to effect from 05:00 UTC on Wednesday, January 18. The blackout is a protest against the proposed law of the United States of America “Stop Online Piracy Act” (SOPA). The protest is there because the proposed law could harm the operation of community driven website like Wikipedia. The decision of the Community of the English language Wikipedia is supported by the Wikimedia Foundation. This in the first time the English Wikipedia – the oldest and most popular of all Wikipedias – does something like this. The Italian language Wikipedia did this a couple of months ago. Other language Wikipedias have indicated to show support by displaying a banner but not also go “dark”. Also non-Wikimedia websites will take part but not all by going dark. Google will put a link on there homepage about it. — websites that join the strike Editor(s): Walter - makes no guarantee of accuracy, validity and especially but not limited to, correct grammar and spelling. Satisfaction is not guaranteed. Some content can be highly inspired or directly copied from other sources. Those sources are listed above at "Sources-Attributions". is published...

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Anno Domini MMXII Week II Number CXXXI

Foundation [Terms Of Use] – On websites the “Terms of Use” are what most of us frequently indicate to agree with but never reed. Also Wikipedia has a “Terms of Use”. A “Terms of use” for Wikipedia came only to existence years after its founding and remained very basic. Until now. In original Wikimedia style a new Terms Of use have been written by the community at Meta. It is more extensive then the current but it remains, for a “Terms of Use”, relative short and very readable. The WMF board still needs to approve it before it can replaces the current “Terms of Use”. — New “Terms of Use” (final community draft) [The Annual Fundraiser] – Despite the economic problems of the world – the Wikimedia Foundation did it again. The goal is every year higher but the donations follow. The WMF has raised the new record amount of 20 million US dollar in the fundraiser that just now ended. The miracle of the WMF business model to just ask for money keeps working. But even a miracle needs some help. Last year the WMF spend 1,8 USD $ on fundraising.      The operating budget of the WMF will increase in spending in 2011-12 compared with 2010-11 with $9.8 million. 28.3 million USD will be the current budget. The gap between the raised amount and...

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Wikizine News – Year: 2011 Week: 40 Number: 130

Movement [30 September] – The last day of the project Wiki Loves Monuments for this year is September 30th. So if you still have pictures of monuments, it is not yet to late to share them on Commons and maybe win a prize. Currently there are already more then 125,000 new pictures added to commons in this one month of Wikimedia Loves Monuments. Yes – 125,000 – that is correct. And … one country is  Done – Andorra has now 100% of the monuments photographed! [Image filter] – Discussion about ethical problems with image filter implementation on Wikisource started by John Vanderberg, one of the most active Wikisource editors and the chair of Wikimedia Australia. Technical news [Automatic photo orientation] – Brion Vibber informs us about automatic photo orientation in MediaWiki 1.18. At least if the orientation information is available in the EXIF-information. [New look on statistics] – Erik Zachte created a new new look for Wikimedia statistics. Interpretation of data in editorial of this week’s Opinion edition. [Wikimedia India conference] – India Hackathon 2011 will be held during Wikimedia India conference (18-20 November). Foundation [Google Summer of Code] – Sumana Harihareswara, WMF’s Volunteer Development Coordinator, published a report on Wikimedia-related projects from the Google Summer of Code. [Jon Harald Søby becomes Community Fellow] – Jon’s fellowship will run until February 2012....

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Wikizine Techflash – Year: 2011 Week: 40

Re-post: Hi again folks, We want to run another set of banners to recruit translators for the fundraiser this week, in some areas overlapping with the WLM banners. If it is alright with you we would like to do it the same way we did previously, namely with a rough 25-75 split with the WLM banners, so they are still shown. The banners will only run for logged-in users, so anonymous users will not be affected. The countries that will be affected are these: Tuesday 27th 17:00–21:00 UTC: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, the Netherlands 15:00–21:00 UTC: Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Andorra Wednesday 28th 17:00–22:00 UTC: Portugal, Spain Thursday 29th 12:00–23:59 UTC: Poland Friday 30th 12:00–23:59 UTC: Russia, Hungary, Estonia, Romania Please let me know if there is a problem – and sorry about the late notice for the ones tomorrow. – Jon Harald Søby Community Fellow Wikimedia Foundation Request for help [Sign-up for translation] – Frequently there are messages that need to be translated in, if possible, all the languages of the projects. If you like to volunteer to be a translator you can register yourself (see link) so when you are needed you can be...

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