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Author: wikiadmin

Year: 2011 Week: 36 Number: 126

Wikizine [Wikizine] – you may have have noticed changes to Wikizine in the most recent editions. This is under the impulse of user Millosh who has taken the lead in relaunching Wikizine. We love to hear your ideas and feedback about this. [Your reports] – Post your news for the next edition of Wikizine on Meta or in our Google form. Technical news [Wikipedia for Android 1.0] – A non-free software called “Wikipedia for Android 1.0″ has been published. It doesn’t look to be affiliated with the WMF. [Engineering report] – Wikimedia engineering report for August 2011 published. Request for help [Tech help] – Tech volunteers needed for Hurricane Irene relief. Foundation [Report for July] – Wikimedia Foundation published report for July 2011.,_July_2011 [Editors survey] – Wikimedia Foundation published report for editors survey for April 2011. Chapters [Silver Knowledge Project] – Wikimedia Germany has a project “Projekt Silberwissen” or “Silver Knowledge Project”, which aims to teach older people how to contribute to Wikimedia projects. Between July 1st and 3rd the first such project was held in the city of Ulm. (Google translate) Chapters reports [Wikimedia Germany] – Wikimedia Germany published report for July 2011. [Wikimedia Israel] – Wikimedia Israel published report for August 2011. [Wikimedia Hungary] – Wikimedia Hungary published report for June and July 2011.

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Server hugging geek Pel Laurens stops

Hi readers, A while ago, almost 2 years now  Pel Laurens took this domainname from Walter to make sure this project doesn’t stop to exist. At this moment Pel Laurens doesn’t have the time to make any new projects or give new live to this project al all. This is ofcourse very sad news. Pel Laurens made the promise to keep this project save, and surely this will happen. The project will not go offline, it will stay as an internet archive, the domainname is payed for, and can stay online without costs till 2020. If you have intrest in this name? Want to give new life to this project? Contact Pel...

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Wikizine the Future

while ago Walter posted the message that he will be stopping with Wikizine. Now there is a future again. A couple of users and myself will work to make this newsite back to the coolest newssite inside Wikimedia. Thank you all for your...

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Wikizine This Week

WMF executive director Sue Gardner interviewed by The Telegraph in Sydney, Australia. Read it at Highlights from January 2013, including individual grants, a data center migration, and the launch of Wikivoyage, was published at The Wikimedia Foundation has called their lawsuit against Internet Brands a ‘victory for Wikivoyage and free knowledge” over the ability to fork Wikitravel. The Signpost has in-depth coverage at is looking for a new member of the Board of Trustees to fill the appointed seat vacated by Matt Halprin. The search is being conducted by an outside agency. Smartphone photographers: join the WikiCommons mobile uploads testing week, starting on Feb 25 The 2012 Picture of the Year was announced after 3990 votes in Round 2. View all the results at Quote “Wikipedia’s world is a beautiful world. You can see all cultures of the world through the window of a language that you know.” – Doaa Seif of...

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