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Month: October 2009

Year: 2009 Week: 41-42 Number: 120

Technical news [Wikimedia data sets] – Wikimedia XML data sets have been released on Amazon Public Data Sets.  This should help Wikimedians who do analysis on project data. [Media Features Gadget] – there is a “New Media Features” gadget on Commons.  When it is enabled, you can test out the new media developments from the Kaltura sponsorship. [Click Tracking Deployed] – click tracking has been deployed for the edit toolbar.  This collects information about which buttons are clicked on the toolbar during editing for the Usability Initiative. [Babaco: Now ready] – preview of the second set of usability features, Babaco, is now available through user preferences.  Be sure to try out the new tools. [Book creator updated] – the new version of the Book creator interface has been deployed within the Wikimedia projects.  The extension is now a lot more intuitive and useful. [WP Mobile Update] – Hampton Catlin, the Wikipedia Mobile developer, posted a blog entry detailing the updates done to the Mobile interface this month. [en.wp: FlaggedRevs update] – two people, William Pietri and Howie Fung, have been signed on as contractors to help with the deployment of Flagged Revisions on the English Wikipedia. Request for help [Perspectives from other projects] – the Wikipedia Signpost is calling for editors active in one or more non-English Wikipedias to write accounts...

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Year: 2009 Week: 41 Number: 119

Technical news [Announce: Brion moving to StatusNet] – Brion Vibber, the Chief Technical Officer, announced that he’s leaving the Wikimedia Foundation after four years. [Labs: FlaggedRevs] – due to some miscommunications, a lot of people didn’t realize that the FlaggedRevs labs test wiki has been active and waiting for people to poke at it for a month.  The developers need interested people to be set up as local administrators to try out the per-page stabilization settings (accessed via the “protect” tab); by default most pages do not activate FlaggedRevs in the configuration we’re testing for English Wikipedia. [Labs: LiquidThreads] – another Wikimedia Labs wiki has been created, this time for Liquid Threads.  Liquid Threads aims to clean up the way we communicate about articles, turning talk pages into cleaner/threaded discussion pages. [Supporting] – the Wikimedia Foundation has hired Siebrand Mazeland as a contractor.  He will get paid one day a week to work on translatewiki. Foundation [WMFI and WMMK] – Wikimedia Suomi (Finland) and Wikimedia Macedonia were recently approved. [Report to the Board] – Sue Gardner has posted her Report to the Board for the month of July 2009. [Fundraising page demos] – Rand Montoya, the Head of Community Giving, has posted some demos of the new Fundraising pages.  Your feedback would be appreciated. [WMF IRC Office hours] –...

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