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Month: August 2009

Year: 2009 Week: 34-35 Number: 116

Technical news [Tech Update] – Brion posted an update on the status of a few projects, before shipping off to Wikimania. [Commons: ImageAnnotator] – Wikimedia Commons added a new gadget: an Image Annotator, where users can place comments *onto* images (like flickr). [Bugs] – Trevor Parscal, of the Usability Project, gave an update on the Usability Beta by saying that more than 40,000 users have now participated in the process. [iPhone app released] – the Wikimedia Foundation released its own official iPhone/iPod application for Wikipedia, in addition to the regular mobile interface. [SmartWikiSearch] – Smart Wiki Search, a “concept similarity” search, tries to make your Wikipedia search experience better by finding other Wikipedia pages that discuss the same or similar concepts to the one you searched for. Request for help [Wikipedia Signpost RfC] – the Wikipedia Signpost, the English Wikipedia’s newspaper, is looking for comments about what is their mission, purpose and where they should go from here.  Feedback is appreciated. [Multimedia Usability Meeting] – we previously reported on the upcoming Multimedia Usability Project by Wikimedia France, suggestions and feedback are being requested on Meta-Wiki.  There is also a planning event to take place in October 2009. [Report to the Board] – Sue Gardner, the Executive Director of the Wikimedia Foundation, published her report to the board for May 2009. [New “labs” sites] – two new “labs” sites have been created...

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Year: 2009 Week: 33 Number: 115

Technical news  [Tech Update] – the sysadmins posted a tech update of what happened last week and what will be coming up this week and beyond. — techblog post [clone $brion;] – Brion Vibber, the current Foundation CTO, announced that they want to split his position into two.  There will be a new Chief Technical Officer and Brion will become the “Senior Software Architect”; more information about the responsibilities of each can be found on the blog post. — techblog post [“Try Beta”] – Have you noticed the new “Try Beta” link at the top of Wikimedia project sites?  The usability team is proud to introduce the new skin, Vector, and the newly enhanced edit toolbar. Check it out and give them your feedback! — techblog post [pl.wp: Report a Problem] – The Polish Wikipedia has put together a neat little pop-up tool for reporting errors in articles. (The “Zgłoś błąd” link in the sidebar.) — post on wikien-l [ FlaggedRevs] – is currently testing out Flagged Revisions in their Manual and Help namespaces. — reason for FlaggedRevs — brion telling about it being enabled [Image Annotations] – a hack for Wikimedia Commons allows for image annotations, just like Flickr has them, be sure to check it out! — help page [MediaWiki Wave] – a new project, “MediaWiki Wave”, has been...

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Year: 2009 Week: 32 Number: 114

Technical news [Full downtime] – All of Wikimedia’s services (sites, mailing lists, etc.) were down on July 31 at 12:00 (UTC) to allow the primary router at the Tampa hosting facility to be rebooted. [SysAdminDay] – System Administrator Appreciation Day was held on July 31st; it’s the day where you appreciate and thank all the system administrators who make your lives easier! [Override this function] – on August 6, users were temporarily getting the message ‘Override this function’ when visiting pages on Wikipedia, due to a server only partially getting an update. The issue was supposedly fixed but the sysadmins are still getting reports, it needs further investigation of the problem. Request for help [WikimediaMobile] – Wikimedia Mobile, the mobile interface for Wikipedia, has started accepting translations on betawiki. Help is greatly appreciated in localizing it for your local Wikipedia. [Flickr tool maintainers] – Bryan Tong Minh posted a request for co-maintainers for his flickr tools on the toolserver. The bots are written in Python and use the mwclient library to edit and upload. [Best practices team] – “Best practice in public outreach” is a collection of articles describing experiences in winning new volunteers, partners, content and audiences. The group will help coordinate the creation and enhancement of the best practices documentation pages on Meta-Wiki, which will help share the knowledge...

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