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Month: July 2009

Year: 2009 Week: 31 Number: 113

Technical news [arwp: New namespace] – the Arabic Wikipedia Community has agreed to create a new namespace called “Supplement”. It will contain most of date pages (days, months, years, decades, etc.), disambiguation pages and lists to give the exactly number of encyclopedic articles. There are about 6000 pages that will be moved to the new namespace. It may be possible that your community would like to apply the same idea. — bug report — guideline of namespace [Commons: Off-site archive] – A off site archive for Commons and the XML snapshots will be added. Thanks are due to eBart consulting and User:Milosh for proving a backup server and storage array at their colocation facility in Europe. This server will store archives of our publicly available data of Wikimedia Commons and the XML snapshots. — techblog post [Passwords plz] – was an outside site that asked for Wikimedia passwords in order aggregate user watchlists across all projects for them. Although in this case it did not have a malicious intent, use of external sites asking for passwords place in risk the accounts used. Users are asked not to share their user password with any external site. Not even toolserver tools are allowed to request your password for any service. The site has now been shut down, and further analysis revealed that it had important vulnerabilities. Magnus...

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Year: 2009 Week: 30 Number: 112

Technical news [Media server problems] – there were some media load problems on all the sites, which caused “extreme slowness or temporary inaccessibility”. The sysadmins took advantage of this downtime to redo the way we access media files internally which will help reduce the impact on the rest of the site when load problems on the file servers occur, and also spreads out the load among multiple servers to improve things even more. They had to shut off all uploads for a while to get this done! [Wikipedia Weekly interviews the Usability Team] – Wikipedia Weekly, a podcast for and by Wikimedians, interviewed the Usability team. [MediaWiki:Sharedupload change] – MediaWiki:Sharedupload became MediaWiki:Sharedupload-desc-here. Admins in other projects should rename the first one to the second in order to customize messages for images from Commons. (That’s the text shown when a Commons image is shown on another project: ) Request for help [Translation of the week] — the Translation of the Week needs help! If you speak another language and would like to translate “History of pizza” into your language, TOTW is for you. Foundation [Board elections] – the candidate deadline for the elections to the Board of Trustees has been extended to July 27 due to some technical issuets for which the CentralNotice had to be turned off. The questioning of the candidates has also...

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Year: 2009 Week: 28 Number: 111

Proposals [Logo Wiktionary] – End of 2006 a winner of a new logo selection process was declared for Wiktionary.  Some Wiktionary accepted and used the new logo, others did not. (like the English Wiktionary). In any case once more a new logo selection process is in motion on Meta for Wiktionary. — “we have a winner (2006)” — new logo Wiktionary 2009 Foundation [Board elections] – the Wikimedia Foundation Board is holding its community elections again, this time for 3 board seats (the next regular election will be in two years). Candidates are being accepted until July 20.  Help is needed with translating many pages for the election. (including the CentralNotice displayed all over Wikimedia’s sites)! — candidates — translation [Annual Plan] – the Foundation has published its 2009-2010 Annual Plan and a set of Questions & Answers to go along with it. — annual plan (pdf) — Q&A [wm2009: Registration] – registration for Wikimania 2009 in Buenos Aires is now open!  If you register before July 30, it’s US$15 cheaper. (= US$45) [Orange] – In April the Wikimedia Foundation announced a partnership with the telecommunications company “Orange”. The Spanish Wikipedia is now being showcased on the Spanish Orange site.— original press release [New chapters] – the Board recently approved three new Wikimedia chapters:  Wikimedia Danmark (Denmark), Wikimedia Portugal, and...

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Year: 2009 Week: 27 Number: 110

Technical news [Michael Jackson Kills WP] – Michael Jackson, the “King of Pop”, died this week and nearly took Wikipedia down with him (as well as many other websites).  Wikimedia sites were unresponsive for a whole due to the large number of page hits.  The Michael Jackson article got nearly 6 *million* hits on June 26, more than the Main Page. In the evening of the 2th July (UTC) Wikipedia&Co was virtually down because of power outage of the European servers. The remaining servers choked on the additional traffic routed to them. — page hit statistics (seems page is dead) — techblog explanation of issues’s_death_overloads_Internet_sites_and_sparks_hoaxes — wikinews article — wiki down [Usability] – the Usability team has released its first set of usability improvement (the “acai” release) for testing.  As of press time, the new “vector” skin has been made available on all wikis for users who select it from their preferences, please help test the new features! — blog post — “acai” release description [Usability BIS] – one aspect is already live by default; the new design of the search results. Just use the internal search and see. Request for help [Fundraising 2009] – the Wikimedia Foundation is preparing for its next fundraiser and would like feedback from the community on some of the pages it has developed so far.  In...

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