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Month: June 2009

Year: 2009 Week: 26 Number: 109

Technical news [New “Green” Data Centers] – The Foundation announced a new “in-kind” sponsorship (valued at over €300,000) by “green” (environmentally friendly) Data Center EvoSwitch....

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Year: 2009 Week: 29 Number: 108

Technical news [Code updates] – In the past, the Wikimedia sites were updated roughly every week with the new code from Wikimedia’s revision (or version) control system (SVN). But recently, this has not been taking place...

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Year: 2009 Week: 23 Number: 107

Technical news [Chrome Support for Ogg] – Google’s Chrome browser is going to support Theora video (the type of audio files that Wikimedia uses) natively with the HTML5 video tag. Earlier announced Mozilla also this...

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