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Month: November 2008

Year: 2008 Week: 45 Number: 101 Tech flash

As you all noticed the most visual form of the fundraiser has shown up on the wikis in the form of a very large banner. The banner is the main way to get people to donate. This fundraiser is the banner exceptional huge and not universally appreciated.Erik Möller, the Deputy Director, has posted a statement about this topic; All projects must do there part to help with the fundraiser by displaying the banner to all there users by default. But that does not mean that on a personal level you need to keep that banner in your face until the end of the fundraiser with is announced to run until Wikipedia Day. How to hide the banner Personal Include the following code to your *personal* CSS; /* Remove fundraiser banner and sitenotice */ #siteNotice, #fundraiser, .fundraiser-box { display:none; !important; } Example; If your username is “Joe” and you use the default skin “monobook” the your personal CSS-page is [[user:Joe/monobook.css]]. That can be an unborn page if you have never done that. If you use a different skin, like “Modern”, then it is [[user:Joe/modern.css]].Do *not* include this to the site skin, only to your personal one if you wish to hide it. Include an extension to your wiki You can create an option (gadget, extension) for the users of your wiki to hide the banner with an option in...

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Year: 2008 Week: 45 Number: 101

Technical news [Image: => File:] – Brion announced that he will be fulfilling a long-time wish: renaming the “Image:” namespace to “File:” due to the fact that it contains much more than just images.  He will be making this change soon, so please update any scripts that rely on it *when* it is live. “Image” will remain as an alias. [Ubuntu] – The Wikimedia Foundation tech team decided to simplify things by moving all of their servers to a GNU/Linux distribution: Ubuntu. [New Search] – Another long-awaited tech improvement: the search feature!  Thanks to some work by Robert Stojnic, we are currently migrating to lucene-search 2 which includes new features like much better searching and interwiki matches.  When a search matches a title from another project in the same language, a box on right appears which holds the link to the sister project page. (blog post with pictures) [RenameUser] – There are now additional options when renaming an account: automatically recreate and block the old account.  Previously, all this had to be done by the bureaucrats themselves — this process is now simplified. [CodeReview] – Brion enabled the CodeReview extension on  This is an extension that greatly helps with the review of coding and will hopefully allow the sites to be updated with newer code more quickly. [Textbook-l] –...

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