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Month: July 2008

Special post: url’s to the Wikimania 2008 streams

The video recordings of Wikimania 2008 are online at the Biblotheca Alexandrina webcast section But these do not work if you are not using Windows it looks like. To make it more esay to watch them Wikizine provides you with the direct links to the files. Try several players if needed. It seems to work mostly with VLC. But for some I needed Mplayer to get it working. The “Kalura” videos are copys of the Biblotheca Alexandrina webcast streams. So there are not better but the are maybe more easy te view. Overview of all Kaltura videos can be found at the Kalutra website at the Wikimania2008 section. Opening Ceremony Ahmed Darwish, Florence Devouard, Hoda Baraka, Ismail Serageldin Thursday July 17, 2008 Wikimedia Foundation Board Panel Domas Mituzas, Jan-Bart de Vreede, Jimmy Wales, Kat Walsh, Michael Snow Thursday July 17, 2008Content creation strategies for emerging countries Jürgen Galler Thursday July 17, 2008 Kultura; Keeping the Media accountable Rhonda Shearer Thursday July 17, 2008 New Paradigms For New Tomorrows Ismail Serageldin Thursday July 17, 2008 Recent Developments in Search Technology Usama Fayyad Friday July 18, 2008 Wikimedia and libraries Jakob Voss, Phoebe Ayers, Sohair Wastawy, Tim Spalding Friday July 18, 2008 Free Knowledge & Wikimedia Projects Oliveir Hugot Friday July 18,...

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Year: 2008 Week: 30 Number: 97

Notice from the editor: this edition does not includes all relevant news for the time frame between the previous Wikizine and this one. I decided that getting something out is more important then more delays. Walter Foundation [New board chair] –  The board of trustees of the Wikimedia Foundation has a new chair. All board members where in favour to appoint Michael Snow for the job. Michael, who is a board member since February 2008, is best known as the founder of the Wikipedia Signpost. The former chair, Anthere (Florence Devouard), was Chair since October 2006 and board member since 2004. She is now not longer a WMF board member. Anthere has joined the WMF Advisory board. [Board election] – [[meta:user:Wing]] (Ting Chen) is elected as a community board member to the Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees. His term will expire in July 2009. 3019 valid votes where registered. Chen [New hires] – The WMF has hired 5 new staff members; Erik Zachte (Tech stats guy), Sara Crouse (Head of Partnerships and Foundation Relations), Rebecca Handler (Major Gifts Officer), Rand Montoya (Head of Community Giving), and Frank Schulenburg (public outreach coordinator).  Erik Zachte starts in September as a part-time contractor. Erik is a Wikipedian from the Dutch language Wikipedia but is mostly know for his volunteer work in creating detailed statistics for the Wikimedia...

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Notification of delay of EN Wikizine

Dear reader of Wikizine in English, The next edition of Wikizine is delayed. At this time it is still the intention to provide you with this edition. If you would like to help out with the creation of EN Wikizine please contact me at <> Greetings, Walter – Contact: walter AT wikizine DOT org – news for and about the Wikimedia...

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