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Month: May 2008

Year: 2008 Week: 22 Tech flash

Single User Login (SUL), the system that you have one user account for all Wikimedia Foundation wikis is now live for all users. Until now it was only for sysops. Please read first the documentation before about it before using it. Stewards can undo the merge of an account be try to avoid the need for it. If you wish to unsurp an account on some wiki do that before you merge your account. #wikimedia-tech #wikimedia-stewards Editor(s): Walter Contact: reply or Website: makes no guarantee of accuracy, validity and especially but not limited to, correct grammar and spelling. Satisfaction is not guaranteed. is published by [[meta:user:Walter]], and is not a publication of the Wikimedia Foundation. Wikizine is a irregular publication as long as there is noteworthy news (and time) Content is available under the GNU Free Documentation License....

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Year: 2008 Week: 21 Number: 95

Technical news [Sighted revisions] – a system to hide edits made by certain groups of users from visitors as long as the edit is not approved by a user who has the user rights to approve the edit – This is now active on the German language Wikipedia. “Surveyor” is the title of a user who has approval rights. [Special:GlobalUsers] – on this special page you can see who has a global account. Works on all wikis, not only Meta. Request for discussion [Wikibooks logo] – For the last 2 years Wikibooks is in the process of selecting a new logo for Wikibooks and Wikijunior. Community involvement and feedback, discussion is requested to move things forward. Foundation [Board election] – one seat on the Board of Trustees is open for election. Candidates can submit their candidacy until 22 May. [Board restructuring]  – the WMF board of trustees will increase from the current 8 to 10. The board will be comprised of: 3 elected community members, 2 members selected by the chapters, 1 board-appointed ‘community founder’ seat and 4 “specific expertise” seats (also Board-appointed). [Exit Anthere] –  Florence Devouard, Chair of the WMF board of trustees, will not seek reelection for a seed in the board. As a result after the conclusion of the current board election Anthere will not longer be a...

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