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Month: April 2008

Year: 2008 Week: 17 Number: 94

Technical news [Suggestions] – A function has been enabled on the projects that gives a drop-down menu with search suggestions. [New search tests] – Testing is underway of a new search system to replace the current wiki-search function. The new system is supposed to give a more “google-like” search experience. – location of experimental search system [Global blocking?] – A MediaWiki extension has been created that makes global blocking of IP addresses on all WMF wikis possible. Discussion is opened about whether this is a good idea, how it can be used, and by whom. [Global login] – Users who already have a global account for the projects still need to login to every wiki independently. There is a global login but no global session. The developers are working on this. Brion explains a possible way for doing this and the security risks. [OpenID] – Regarding the possible implementation of OpenID on the WMF-projects, Brion says: “We may [implement this] at some point, but it’s a much lower priority atm, and requires more review to make sure we’re happy with how it’ll look and behave.” Foundation [Board Treasurer] – A non-elected seat on the Board of Trustees has been filled by Stuart West, who is the new Treasurer of the Board. — announcement on Foundation-l — “Hello” from...

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Year: 2008 Week: 14 Number: 93 Extra

Foundation [Wikimania 2009] – on March 28, after a long wait since February 28, the jury that would determine the location of Wikimania 2009 chose Buenos Aires, Argentina.  This is the first time that a Spanish-speaking country will harbor the largest gathering of Wikimedians.  Other bids for Wikimania 2009 were from the cities of Toronto (Canada), Brisbane (Australia), and Karlsruhe (Germany). This is the first occasion that the convention will be done in two languages (English and Spanish) and will be carried out in the southern hemisphere of the planet, on August 28-30, 2009, according to information presented by the local organization. Backing this bid was Wikimedia Argentina (presided by Patrician Lorente), which did everything to present to the capital of Argentina as a place for Wikimedians to come and visit. The jury picked the Latin American city due to the large Spanish-language projects of the Foundation (wikipedia, wikinoticias, wikilibros, etc.) and the cultural significance of the city.  The jury also emphasized the great commitment of the organization and the activity that has developed Wikimedia Argentina from December 2007. [Interview] – In a brief interview, Patrician Lorente (President of Wikimedia Argentina) responded to questions about Buenos Aires as headquarters of Wikimania 2009. This interview was arranged and published in the Spanish language edition of Wikizine ( ES2008-93 extra). A machine translation of it is in included below.   <babelfish translation> Wikizine: How...

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