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Month: January 2008

Year: 2008 Week: 3 Number: 90

Technical news [User rights] – it is now possible for the developers to selectively assign groups permissions to grant/revoke other groups, either to themselves or to all other users. An implementation is don on some wikis, including English language Wikipedia, by creating the new group ‘rollbacks’ with right ‘rollback’, and giving sysops the ability to grant/revoke this group to any user. Wikis who also wish to have that option need to get consensus about it and make a bugzilla ticket for it.  The page Special:Userrights is now also listed in the special pages overview. Eventually the pages like MakeSysop will be removed and all changes to status will need be done by use of the page Special:Userrights. [Page move restricted] – Since the 2nd of January 2008 it is no longer possible to move/rename pages if a user is not autoconfirmed (Users are autoconfirmed after a specified time and after specified amount of edits). There is a opt-out policy, which means that individual projects can decide to make page moves possible for new users as well. [Title blacklist]  – the new function “Title blacklist” announced in the previous edition of Wikizine is again disabled. The comment in the log about the disabling was “domas: removing titleblacklist. there’s certain level of crap beyond which I won’t fix stuff. “ New project proposals [Wikibooks multilingual] – A new wikibook-project is proposed...

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Anno Domini MMVIII Week I Number LXXXIX

Technical news [Page protection] – It is now possible to protect unborn articles and deleted pages, with the normal protection levels: only sysops or semi-protection. Also, auto-expire of the protection is available. To protect a non-existent page (as sysop), you only need to request the page and hit the “protect” button. [Title blacklist] – A new extension is live on the wikis. The Title Blacklist extension allows wiki administrators to block the creation, movement and upload of pages whose title matches any among a list of regular expressions. [Special:Userrights] – Bureaucrats now have access to the special page “Userrights”. At this time this page is listed in the special pages overview, but not yet in the sysops section. Manually enter “Special:Userrights” in the location bar of your browser or in the search box of Wikipedia to request this page. In the current form this does not give extra rights to bureaucrats. The new special page only combines the functionality of “MakeSysop” and “Makebot”. Request for help [Fundraising] – The Fundraising website’s layout and usability have been enhanced. However, this also implies that new translations are required. – The English version of the new donations page – More information about the translation request Policy [Stewards] – A rewrite of the steward policy is in progress. Comments are welcome on the talk page. A vote is expected...

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