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Month: December 2007

Year: 2007 Week: 52 Number: 88

Technical news [No pictures?] – If users complain that the can not see any pictures on the wiki the it can be the ”” it being blocked by adblock software. Possibly in an attempt to hide the...

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Year: 2007 Week: 51 Number: 87

Technical news [Printing] – As we all probably know, the layout for printing Wiki pages is not the best. The Wikimedia Foundation announced a cooperation with the Open Society Institute and the Commonwealth of Learning to...

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Year: 2007 Week: 50 Number: 86

Technical news [Inspector Gadget] – Our wikis support the function that you can put in a subpage of your useraccount your own javascript. That is usually /monobook.js This way you can change the behavior of the wiki or include...

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Year: 2007 Week: 48 Number: 85 Extra

Policy Most projects of the Wikimedia family, like Wikipedia, Wikibooks, Wikisource, Wiktionary, Wikispecies and Wikiversity, are using the GNU Free Documentation License. The GNU Free Documentation License was originally chosen...

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