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Month: November 2007

Year: 2007 Week: 48 Number: 85

Technical news [MediaWiki Parser] – There will be (another) attempt on rewriting the parser which handles the wikitext. A new mailing list has been created for discussion of what can be done. [New Preprocessor] – Mediawiki’s preprocessor (which expands templates and does parserfunctions) has been rewritten by Tim Starling. The changes include creating a DOM document, caching template expansion and skipping unused cases. The pre-expand include size limit has been changed into a “preprocessor node count”. This changes the rules for uncovered syntax, so having “<ta” on one template and “ble>” on another will create a table. However, such uses are discouraged. It’s not live on wikimedia project yet. Request for help [Wikibooks technical] – For a quick grant related to the production of Wikibooks in Agriculture Florence Devouard (Anthere) is asking for input regarding wished for technical improvements for Wikibooks. [Asterisk] – German Wikipedia OTRS helpdesk and press relations group are still looking for someone who can support the development and implementation of an asterisk software solution featuring LRU call management, forced log-off and a web frontend to display status information. Queue size dimensioning would be nice, as well as a web/sms front end for the press people to configure call diversions. Anyone able to help please contact w:de:User:-jha- or, if you can read German, go to Policy [Logo] – Wikibooks and Wikijunior are...

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Year: 2007 Week: 46 Number: 84

Technical news [Wiki moved] – Betawiki, the wiki used to make the default translations of MediaWiki and therefore also for the WMF-projects, has moved to a new domain. [pyBot] – Plans are currently being made for a major overhaul of the code of the Pywikipediabot framework. The main goals are to start using the MediaWiki API and to unify the coding style. — place for discussion [Anon page creation (not!)] – The announced reactivation of page creation by anonymous users is cancelled. Foundation [$$$] – The fundraiser is going well in the sense that the money is rolling in. At present around 660,000 US$ is donated. The fundraiser is intended to run until the 22nd of December. At the current rate of donations it does not look like the 4.6 million US$, the WMF budget for 2008, will be collected. The counter that shows how many people have donated, has dropped a bit because the deduction of numerous donations of 1$ or less. — do we get 4,6 million? — strong increase of tiny donations — drop of counter [Legal] – French lawsuit against WMF won in court. An article on the FR Wikipedia contained personal information of 3 persons who where no pleased with that. They sued for compensations and the identity of the anonymous editor. The court ruled that Wikimedia is...

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Year: 2007 Week: 44 Number: 83

Technical news [Upload limit] – The upload limit is 20 MB. Now that the recent changes have resulted in good support for video, it was suggested to increase this limit. There are concerns for a dramatic growth in bandwidth and storage need. Request for help [Fundraising translations] – Most translations for the 2007 fundraising have been done, but some still remian. Cary Bass, volunteer coordinator, requests your help. New project proposals [Chain of reasons] – This proposed new project aims to be a reference for people who simply want to learn about the reasoning behind particular beliefs — moral, political, scientific, religious, or whatever. Policy [Page creation on EN Wikipedia] – Page creation for anonymous users has been disabled for the English Wikipedia since December 2005. There will probably soon be a trial of one week during which page creation is enabled again. — discussion at the village pump Foundation [Priorities] – Florence Devouard, chair of the Wikimedia Foundation board of trustees, has stated priorities for her next term as a chair. She also summarizes the major developments of last year. [Fundraising] – The 2007 fall fund raising has started on October 22 and will run until December 22. People are encouraged to place web buttons on their private websites. At present around US$130,000 has been donated. The live stream of donations from Paypal...

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