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Month: November 2007

Year: 2007 Week: 48 Number: 85

Technical news [MediaWiki Parser] – There will be (another) attempt on rewriting the parser which handles the wikitext. A new mailing list has been created for discussion of what can be done....

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Year: 2007 Week: 46 Number: 84

Technical news [Wiki moved] – Betawiki, the wiki used to make the default translations of MediaWiki and therefore also for the WMF-projects, has moved to a new domain. [pyBot] – Plans are currently...

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Year: 2007 Week: 44 Number: 83

Technical news [Upload limit] – The upload limit is 20 MB. Now that the recent changes have resulted in good support for video, it was suggested to increase this limit. There are concerns for a dramatic growth in bandwidth...

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