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Month: September 2007

Year: 2007 Week: 39 Number: 81

Technical news [WebPlayer] – There is now a real web based player for the audio and video content on the WMF wikis. This was already possible with a player on the separate toolserver, but it is now displayed on the wiki itself. This functionality is created by Tim Starling. Because of the use of the not very popular Ogg Vorbis and Ogg Theora file formats for audio and video it was for the end user not always easy to use the content. Now with this web based player function the source file format is not longer relevant for the end user. It just works like on YouTube. The use of this function is very simple. Basically it is [[image: foobar.ogg]] to include a file in a page. To play you click on a ‘play’ symbol under the thumbnail. See link for more information.  — A classic fragment [Overwrite] – Overwriting existing files are now distinguished in the logs from uploading new files with [[MediaWiki:Overwroteimage]] Request for help [Wikilove] – Pictures of Wikimedians expressing there love for the projects are requested. The will be used in the upcoming fund drive to provide a more personal impression to the potential donors. See post of Sabine Cretella for more information or contact here if you have questions. — example [Quality project] – One of goals of our projects is...

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Wikizine – Special edition

Request for help Dear readers, Almost two years ago I started with Wikizine. The very first message send out about it was also a “special edition”. That was to present Wikizine, what it was all about. This one now is not to explain what Wikizine is. Wikizine is not totally unsuccessful. The number of readers has only go up since its existence, slowly yes, but up nevertheless. The rare feedback has been positive. It was my intention to create a platform with Wikizine to bring together the most relevant information, news, from all Wikimedia projects and languages. I felt, and still do, that there is a need for that. I hoped that after some time a network of reporters of the various wikis, languages, projects, would form who could bring there news to the larger community by means of Wikizine. And also that the would people step up to join me in creating Wikizine. This largely did not happened. In the last two years some people have volunteered and helped with making Wikizine. But that where far to few, who did  not a lot and only for a to short time to have any real impact. Wikizine was and is still a one man show.  I have made all editions until now of Wikizine. I can not continue like this. It has become more difficult with every edition for me to...

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Year: 2007 Week: 36 Number: 80

Technical news [Map function]  – A javascript plugin is created that can provide an interactive map to an article and jump to other articles. This system is already in use on several Wikipedias. Foundation [Fundraiser] – A new fundraiser is coming. Like it looks now it will be from September 23 to November 22. [Wikinews Foundation?]  – A proposal has been raised on Foundation-l to found a Wikinews foundation for the Wikinews project. This mostly to be able to provide accreditation for wikinews reporters. [Wikimania 2008] – Bidding for the location of next Wikimania opens formally … and is already closed by now. Community [Support Wikipedia] – A few Wikipedias show since long a small note to anonymous users to suggest a donation to the WMF. One of those is the English language Wikipedia. That notice has now grown a fair deal larger on that wiki. Also a second, small, anon notice is included to draw attention of the visitors about  the way wikipedia differs from other websites and how one should use wikipedia. Currently that is “Researching with Wikipedia” Media [Wikiscanner] – has turned out as perfect topic for many newspapers around the world to fill there paper. Stats [EN Wikinews] has written 10,000 news articles since its creation. Editor(s): Walter , Thanks to:  Stevenfruitsmaak , Contact: reply or , Website: , ...

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