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Month: September 2007

Year: 2007 Week: 39 Number: 81

Technical news [WebPlayer] – There is now a real web based player for the audio and video content on the WMF wikis. This was already possible with a player on the separate toolserver, but it is now displayed on the wiki itself....

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Wikizine – Special edition

Request for help Dear readers, Almost two years ago I started with Wikizine. The very first message send out about it was also a “special edition”. That was to present Wikizine, what it was all about. This one now is...

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Year: 2007 Week: 36 Number: 80

Technical news [Map function]  – A javascript plugin is created that can provide an interactive map to an article and jump to other articles. This system is already in use on several Wikipedias....

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