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Month: July 2007

Year: 2007 Week: 31 Number: 78

Foundation [Wikimania 2007] – In a few days the Wikimedia event of the year will start: Wikimania. From 3 Augusts until 5 Augusts in Taiwan. For so as possible Wikizine will attempt to provide reports about Wikimania during the event. Extra editions are probable but the blog that used to post Wikizine in English will be updated frequently during the days.  Wikizine is at present one person who is not at Wikimania. So all coverage will be limited to availability to online access to the event. Attempts will be made to create audio recordings of some of the presentations from the audio live-stream if present and to put those online very soon. Contributions from people who are there are very welcome. On can be found now; a countdown to the start of Wikimania 3 clocks providing the current time and date in Taipei, one for UTC+0 and your local time. And also easy access to IRC. [Wikipedia Academy] – Wikimedia Deutschland is organising the second Wikipedia Academy to be held in Mainz on August 24th and 25th, 2007.  The conference will focus on the humanities in Wikipedia, aiming for a dialogue between researchers and Wikipedians. The Wikipedia Academy will be sponsored by the German Ministry for Education and Research. The conference will be opened by Doris Ahnen, Minister of Education, Research, Youth und Culture in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany, and Elke...

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Year: 2007 Week: 28 Number: 77 Extra

Board election The results of the board election are published. The 3 elected candidates to the board of the Wikimedia Foundation are; Erik Möller [[ w:en:user:Eloquence ]]  (renewal)  with 1671 votes Kathleen Walsh [[w:en:user:Mindspillage ]]  (renewal) with 1427 votes Frieda Brioschi  [[w:it:Utente:Frieda]]  (new board member) with 1254 votes The are appointed immediately to the board. There term will run until the board election of 2009. Board member Oscar van Dillen is not reelected and his term is now expired. Oscar came at the 4th place in the election after Frieda with 1234 votes. At the 6th place we have Michael Snow (Signpost) with 1229 votes and 7th Danny Wool [[w:en:user:Danny]] with 1217 votes. Editor(s): Walter , Contact: reply or , Website: , makes no guarantee of accuracy, validity and especially but not limited to, correct grammar and spelling. is published by [[meta:user:Walter]], and is not a publication of the Wikimedia Foundation. Wikizine is a weekly publication as long as there is noteworthy news (and time) Content is available under the GNU Free Documentation License....

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Year: 2007 Week: 28 Number: 77

Technical news [Spam-blacklist] – For a long time is there on meta the spam blacklist. That list is used to make it impossible to save a page the contains the domains the are listed on the blacklist. More recent but also since a long time the local wikis have a local white-list to overrule the global blacklist on Meta. Now there is also a local blacklist. So if you want to block a domain it can be blocked by requesting to include it on the global list on meta or you can put it on your local list so it is only blocked on your wiki. [[MediaWiki:Spam-whitelist]] [[MediaWiki:Spam-blacklist]] [New special page] – There is new special page and it is even a useful new special page. [[Special:DeletedContributions]].  By means of this page a sysop can very easy get a list of all the deleted contributions of any user. [Ugly bug] – One of the fundamentals of concept of the wiki-software is that you can see in the history who has edited what and when. Tuesday there was a bug in the system of the wikis that resulted in random edits being saved to an other specific article on that wiki. On the dutch Wikipedia the edits ended up in the article about Albert Speer. This bug is fixed now. The result is that users could have done a normal...

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Year: 2007 Week: 23 Number: 73

Technical news [Deletion log] – When accessing a non existing page or creating a new page, user can now see the deletion log for that page. This used to be only for sysops. Now even  anonymous user can see it. [Shared history] – Local image description pages now show image history for shared images from commons.  — example [Block] – System message for blocked users [[MediaWiki:Blockedtext]] now shows the actual IP range target for blocks that are applied to IP range. This will explain to the users why they got blocked. [Read-only] – Due to a power failure, several servers went offline on Monday, resulting in the need to put the sites for a few hours in to read-only mode. Request for help [wikimania] – New accomodation note is announced on Wikimania website. If your language have the page there, and you are sure multiple people from your language community will attend, your translation will be very helpful. Policy [CC 3.0] – There is a discussion in progress about the Creative Commons 3.0 licence. Currently the 3.0 version, the most recent version of the Creative Commons  licence is not allowed to be used on Wikimedia Commons. Foundation [Board] –  The board of Wikimedia Foundation held a face to face meeting on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd of June 2007 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Europa. Anthere posted a first...

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