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Month: June 2007

Year: 2007 Week: 26 Number: 76

Foundation [Board elections: round 1] – The first round of the board elections are over. The candidates who are confirmed will now be listed as actual candidates in the election. There where 18 candidates. 15 of them passed the endorsements procedure. Most of the candidates received support that exceeded the necessary 12 endorsements many times.  There was one very late submission of candidacy about 6 hours before the closing of the deadline for submissions and endorsements. In those few hours this candidate received 36 endorsements. [Board elections: round 2] – The vote is open now and this until 2007-07-07, 23:59 UTC.  The link to that page to vote can be found in the site-notice. To have voting rights if the are active on any Wikimedia wiki for at least 3 months before 2007-06-01 and have at least 400 edits before that date on that wiki. You can have voting rights on several wikis but only one will count. Do not do that, vote only on one wiki. There are 3 candidates that will be elected in this elections for a 2 year term on the board. Despite there are only 3 places to fill voters are free to vote for as many or few candidates the want to do. The system that is used is called “Approval voting”.  See article to see what that means. New this election is that there...

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Year: 2007 Week: 25 Number: 75 Extra bis

Board election Today, Saturday, is the last day for submissions for candidates for the board elections and the endorsements of those candidates. There are a now 17 candidates of who 13 have received at present sufficient support to be granted the right to be a candidate in the actual election. The voting will start next Thursday, the 28th of June. A board election is not done  the “normal wiki-vote”  way on some page but by means of a special page providing private vote functionality in the wiki-software. Statement by candidate Artur Jan Fijałkowski (WarX) I’m one of those strange people who like reading encyclopedias. In January 2005 I read an interview with Jimbo Wales on Wizards of OS conference ;), since that moment I’ve been an involved Wikimedian. My target as a person involved in Wikimedia projects is to create as much free content as possible. I have been writing articles for Polish Wikipedia, drawing SVG images for different articles (mostly flags, CoAs, some schemes). Now I’m working on something larger – every day I’m trying to establish contact with different institutions to obtain free-licensed materials or permissions to make such materials by Wikimedia photographers. During the last few months I’ve send my friends to make photographs during several concerts (from which we have photos of stars like Sepultura or Moonspell). Now I’m negotiating with one of Mining Industries about...

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Year: 2007 Week: 25 Number: 75 Extra

Statement by candidate Yann Forget I have been involved in Wikimedia projects since December 2002 (4.5 years), mainly on Wikipedia, Wiktionary, Commons and Wikisource. I am one of the early contributors of Wikisource, from when it was still called Project Sourceberg. I am admin on about a dozen Wikimedia projects and steward since June 2005. I proposed the creation of Wikimédia France in November 2003, of which I was secretary in 2004-2005. I am a computer professional specialized in free software since 1998. Before that I worked for 10 years with NGOs on humanitarian, social and cultural projects. I would like to bring my experience of non-profit organizations and free culture movement to the service of Wikimedia Foundation. I would like the Foundation to be an influential organization, to bring free knowledge far and wide. My main input would be working on financial independence. I was director of a technical school founded by the Anglican Church in India. As an employee, I also worked for “Fédération des œuvres laïques” (Non religious cultural organization), teaching computer basic to children, and “Partenaires” (Partners) a French NGO working on development and humanitarian assistance in India. I worked 6 months as a full time volunteer for Peace Brigades International in civil war torn Sri Lanka, and 2 years part time with “Friends of All”, an Indian NGO dedicated to improving education in rural...

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Year: 2007 Week: 24 Number: 74 Extra

Board election The procedure for the elections for the 3 open places on the board of trustees of the Wikimedia Foundation has started. Candidates can present them self until  2007-06-23 23:59 UTC on Meta. At time of this writing there are 7 candidates. Wikizine sends an invitation to all candidates to submit a statement for publication. Those statements will be published in this and similar extra editions of Wikizine. New in this board election is the concept of endorsement. This means that a candidate will only be a candidate in the actual voting procedure if at least 12 users support the candidacy of the candidate. The idea is to try to exclude candidates who make totally no change in getting elected. This endorsement procedure takes place on Meta and is now open until 2007-06-23  23:59 UTC. Because of this it is theoretical possible that a candidate presented in Wikizine before 2007-06-24 will not appear as a candidate when voting. The endorsement procedure means also that (very) late new entry’s of candidates also will need to manage to find fast 12 users to support there candidacy. Potential candidates need to apply soon now to have a change. Statement by candidate Michael Snow In the media, certain people have tried to pit professionals against amateurs, usually to establish the superiority of one over the other. Wikipedia is often cited as an...

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Year: 2007 Week: 24 Number: 74

Technical news [Frameless] – New option for displaying an image; Frameless, like thumbnail, respects the user preferences for image width but without border and no right float. [[Image: Example.jpg|frameless]] [Watch this page] – When changing the access level of page sysops have now also a box to put that page directly on your watchlist. [New pages] – [[Special:Newpages]] now has option to display new pages from all namespace; not only from the main namespace. [Block email] – When blocking a user or an IP, sysops now have option to also block the user or IP to send email using [[Special:Emailuser]]. String to localize; [[MediaWiki:Ipbemailban]] Request for help [Translate] – Help with translations for the board elections, has been requested. Foundation [Elections] – Candidates are been called for the election of to the Wikimedia Foundation’s Board of Trustees. At least three positions will be filled from this election, with the elected members serving a two year term. Candidates have until 2007-06-23 23:59:59 UTC to become a candidate. Voting is expected to start on 2007-06-28. Wikizine will publish presentations of the candidates for so far the are interested in extra editons. [Update data policy] – The board approved a new version of the “Access to nonpublic data policy”. In this version it is not longer explicit necessary to provide proof of being at least 18 years...

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