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Month: April 2007

Year: 2007 Week: 16 Number: 68

Technical news [Checkusers] – See Checkuser-l posting “Wikizine – Appendix of #68”, posting of Wed Apr 18 14:15:05 UTC 2007 [Visualize category] – User:Dapete has made a tool that makes a visualization of categories on the wikis. You enter the name of a category page (not an article) and it makes a graphical presentation of the entire categorization tree. — Manual — Example Request for help [What do you want?] – “What do you want Wikimedia Foundation to focus its attention on in the next few months, few years or more”.  ant  (WMF Chair) [Newsreader] – EN Wikinews is looking for people who are willing to be a Wikinews reader for the new attempt in making a Wikinews video edition. You do not need to be an active user of Wikinews to apply. Project contacts are [[ n:en:User:DragonFire1024]] and [[n:en:User:Bawolff]] — new promo video for Wikinews Video “Coming soon” New project proposals [TranslateWiki] –  a proposal for a wiki to translate words and sentences. This is based on Wiktionary, but there are differences Foundation [Konferencja] –  On May 1-3, 2007 the “Wikimedia Polska Conference 2007” will take place in Białowieża ,Poland, Europa. 40 euro for the conference, 3 days, including food, possibly even basic sleeping arrangements included. [Chapter] – Wikimedia Polska has obtained the tax-deducible status. It is hoped that his will increase the income...

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Year: 2007 Week: 15 Number: 67

Technical news [Bot aid] – Meta has a new page listing people who are willing to help you get a bot running for your local wiki. This service is especially intended for users from wikis that are too small to have local users knowledgeable about operating a bot. [Classic] – Pay attention when receiving emails that seem to have been sent by Wikipedia coming from addresses like,, and similar. The name of Wikipedia is also used by spammers to give the impression that their message has been sent by a trusted party. This is a very classic practice, but some users on your wiki may not know of it. If you are not sure whether it is a real email, check the headers. Request for help [We want to hear from you] – The Wikimedia Foundation is currently seeking testimonials of individuals that have benefited from using one of our numerous open information projects. Do you know of a school that has benefited from our free educational resources? Do you know someone who learned a second language using Wikiversity? Whatever your positive story, we want to hear from you. Please email your stories to Foundation [Governance model] – Anthere (board chair) suggests a change in the Foundation’s governance model to one referenced as the “policy governance model”. — Read me [Wikimania reminder]...

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