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Month: March 2007

Year: 2007 Week: 13 Number: 66

Policy [Foundation Licensing] – The WMF approved a licensing policy for its projects. The policy has an impact on all projects about how they are allowed to use media (like photos, logos). The policy heavily restricts the use of media under a “Fair use” or similar status and allows it only under very specific circumstance if no other possibility exists. All new files uploaded from March 23, 2007 must comply with the new policy or be deleted. Please read the policy. Reading this text is no substitute. — *!*draft*!* Editorial note: spreading the news accords all projects and languages is the objective of Wikizine. Please bring this new policy under the attention of your home-wiki community and help to close the language barrier by translating or at least report the essence of the new policy. [NL.wikibooks] – The Wikibooks NL community has decided to change the default license of textbooks for the future. That will mean that from a certainpoint in the near future all new submitted changes and new texts will be default double licenced under GNU FDL *and* CC-BY-SA-2.5 or later. Technical news [Upgrade] – A large hardware purchase for $280,000 is approved. This will include 36 Apache servers and 20 Squids. After this upgrade the server park will be able to handle the traffic until it doubles from the current one....

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Year: 2007 Week: 12 Number: 65

Technical news [Hope] – “Stable versions”, a function in the wiki so that the readers can see some form of approved version of an article, that was announced to go live very soon almost a year ago, is not forgotten. A developer is hired to work on that function. Notice: people who read the Wikipedia Signpost and Wikizine will notice that the Signpost reports much more technical news in their B.R.I.O.N section than Wikizine, and mostly also a lot earlier than Wikizine.  There are two reasons for this. Some changes are considered too trivial or technically obscure so that it is not likely that there is a benefit in informing the target audience of Wikizine about it. Also many of the changes listed in the Signpost are not (yet) live on the Wikimedia websites but only present in the code. In general Wikizine chooses to report only technical changes when they are live on the projects. Major technical changes that are known in advance will be reported before they are live. But those are rare and even more almost never known in advance enough to report it. Foundation [New hire] – The Wikimedia Foundation has hired [[ meta:User:Bastique]]  for the position of ” Volunteer Coordinator”. [Exit] – Danny Wool, Grants Coordinator for the Wikimedia Foundation in the Florida office, from September 2005 has left Wikimedia. Danny has also resigned...

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Year: 2007 Week: 11 Number: 64

Technical news [Planet Wikimedia] – A website has been created to collect Wikimedia related blog entries in one place. English blogs about Wikimedia can request their feed be added on Meta (see links). Non-English blogs can can request a similar system for that language. This version has a “Edit this planet” link which allows you to your own blog.  — Change of the url? Foundation [Wikimania 2007] – Registration is open for Wikimania 2007, which will be held from 3-5 August in Taipei, Taiwan. A 3-day ticket costs 40$US. You can also register for the Hacking Days and “Citizen Journalism Unconference”. Registration for sleeping arrangements are also open; the fee is 20$US if you register now, and the number of beds is limited. The Wikimedia Foundation is also offering some scholarships for Wikimania.  Community [Usurpation] – ‘Usurpation’ is a new Wikipedia jargon term whose real meaning is to seize something by force. It is used on the English Wikipedia to refer to the process of changing the username of an inactive user so that the username becomes available for registration or can be assigned to another user. This is not a new function; it has existed for as long as renaming users was possible. However, it may not have been very well known until now. [Bias] – A company active in selling...

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Year: 2007 Week: 10 Number: 63

Technical news [IRC bots] – All operators of Wikimedia IRC bots are requested by IRC group contact and freenode staff member m:User:Xyrael to read this posting, and respond to him via e-mail. The post was submitted to multiple lists and it is requested that it be distributed to all IRC bot operators. Request for help [Wikimania] – There is an open call for submissions for the the Wikimedia event of the year, Wikimania 2007, which will be held in Taipei, Taiwan on 3-5 August. The following are requested: presentations (10–30 minute talks), workshops (30–120 minute sessions with more involvement of the audience), Birds-of-a-Feather (45-60 minutes of informal group discussion on a particular topic), panels (groups of 2-5 speakers to discuss a specific subject), posters (printed presentations or visual displays that can stand on their own), and artistic artifacts (plays, competitions, comedy, visualizations, or other representations of some aspect of the projects). Foundation [WMF update] – Board member Anthere has posted an unofficial announcement about how the Wikipedia Foundation is doing. The Foundation is looking for people with certain qualifications: a professional fundraising person, a professional in international employment, and a brand strategist. [Draft] – Board member Erik Moeller requests comments on a draft licensing policy resolution, intended to guide projects on copyright issues. [Job offer] – The WMF has a (paid) job offer as...

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