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Month: February 2007

Year: 2007 Week: 08 Number: 62

Technical news [Captcha] – The system that means you need to enter a word displayed as an image as a anti-spam protection measure is now active on all wikis. It used to be active only on the smaller projects. This can cause problems for users from communities who are not used to Latin characters. The words displayed are two English words which together form one non-existing word. This makes it difficult for people who do not know English to read the words. If the word is unclear refresh the page then you get a new word. [Special page] –  The page [[Special:Protectedpages]] does now works. It is updated live. [Image swap bot] –  Commons, the wiki that more and more WMF-wikis are using for their images and other media, is working on expanding their service. This with a bot that comes to your local wiki and replaces the image used on a page by another image (or video). This is so that when on Commons a media file is renamed or changed to another version, the projects using the older version will be updated automatically. The people operating this bot are requesting feedback about it. The bot is not operating yet.                                      Commons already provides the “CommonsTicker” service that informs local wikis about changes to files in use on that wiki on commons. And also the “CommonsDelinker” which removes the...

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Year: 2007 Week: 07 Number: 61

Foundation [Fair Use and more] – Board member Kat Walsh has posted the position of the Wikimedia Foundation regarding media licensing policies. A formal resolution will follow later. This post is very important and cannot be properly summarized in one or two sentences. A large amount of feedback has been given and is still coming in for this topic. — Kat’s initial message and direct feedback — more — even more  — A talk page can also be used — Good Signpost article about it [Wiki up] – Anthere gave a presentation at a conference in Switzerland. One of things she said was that the Wikimedia Foundation currently has the cash to pay the bills for about three months.  This quote is showing up on the internet globally as “Wikipedia might disappear in 3 months” and “The end is near for Wikipedia”. In a post to Foundation-l Ant wishes to reassure that this is not the case. It’d probably be best to read Anthere’s post yourself. — Response from the WMF chair on the rumors   — and the talk on /. about it Community [Wikimania 2007] – The people working on Wikimania 2007 have published a new Team Bulletin. If you want to know how planning for Wikimanina is progressing, you should take a look at the bulletin. And if that reason alone...

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Year: 2007 Week: 06 Number: 60

Request for help [Wikizine] – needs a core staff member to be able to produce a new edition on a weekly basis and with an acceptable quality. Looking for news, writing items for Wikizine, finalizing and sending it out. If interested contact [[meta:user:Walter]] for more information. walter AT wikizine DOT org Foundation [Organizational changes] – interim Executive Director Brad Patrick is not longer executive director. He is now only General Counsel (lawyer)  Because there is now no executive director anymore the responsibilities are temporary dived between some board members and WMF-staff members. The search for a new executive director continues. The WMF has hired the firm “Phillips Oppenheim” to find an executive director for the WMF. [New hire] – The Wikimedia Foundation has hired Notafish (Delphine Ménard) as Chapters Coordinator. This function is “fostering of relationships between Chapters and Foundation as well as with the developing of Chapters and related activities.” Notafish has done this function until now as a volunteer. Other news [CafePress] – The Wikimedia shop with T-shirts and other stuff is updated. The prizes are still high. Ferengi Rules of Acquisition “A deal is a deal… until a better one comes along.” Rule 16 “Dignity and an empty sack is worth the sack.”  – Rule 109 “The justification for profit is profit.” – Rule 202 Number of subscribers: 608 , Unique Visitors...

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