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Month: January 2007

Year: 2007 Week: 05 Number: 59

Technical news [Contact form] – Thanks to JeLuf there is now a contact form. This form makes it easier for visitors of the various projects to send a message to the email team of the Wikimedia Projects. Currently there is a live form for the Dutch and English language email team. Other teams can also get the form for their language. Contact JeLuF for that at #wikimedia-tech — yes it works, grow up and do not test it Request for help [Open question] – What would the ideal wiki software be like? Discuss at [[meta:MediaWiki Ideal]]. Foundation [Advisory Board] – Announced in june 2006, the Wikimedia Advisory Board has finally been created. Anthere presented the members of the new board. It consists of 18 people for now. The members were asked to join. See the list on [[wikimedia:Advisory Board]]. The all have an impressive and relevant curriculum vitae. Picking out a few for this article would not be fair. [New hire] – The Wikimedia Foundation has hired a new full-time employee, Carolyn Doran, to work as Chief Operations Officer (COO). Carolyn was already working for the WMF but only part-time via an interim agency. The Chief Operations Officer (COO) is responsible for the overall administration and business operations of the Wikimedia Project. Areas of responsibility include administration, personnel and fiscal management. — Announcement by Anthere, Chair WMF...

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Year: 2007 Week: 04 Number: 58

Technical news [Auto unproteced] – When protecting a page, it is now possible to specify an expiration date for the protection. So for example, with the new feature, you can semi-protect a page for 5 days, and after those 5 days the protection will be automatically lifted.  The box to fill in the expiring time is a simple text box, so you can use the same notations that are used when blocking a user. For example, all of the following should work fine: 10 min, 10 hours, 10 days, or a specific date and or time like 2007-01-25 22:45. For the last option, you may need to convert your local time to the local Wiki’s time. To localize: MediaWiki:Protectexpiry. [protect all] – Sysops can now select the option “Cascading protection” when protecting a page. The result is that everything on that page is protected, including templates, templates used inside those templates, and images. The only thing that is not protected are images not hosted locally, but on the Wikimedia Commons. To localize:  MediaWiki:Protect-cascade, MediaWiki:Protect-cascadeon, MediaWiki:Cascadeprotected, MediaWiki:Cascadeprotectedwarning [Special:Protectedpages] – There is a new special page, “Special:Protectedpages”. This page, which is only periodically updated, shows all protected pages on your wiki. This page also indicates if the page is fullly protected or semi-protected. You can find it in the normal list of special pages. At the time of this writing, those...

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Year: 2007 Week: 25 Number: 75

Technical news [SUL] – The status of “single user login” is still in progress. Request for help [Wikimentary] – At the first Wikimania in 2005 Rory O’Connor, a documentary maker and journalist, was present to record this event. This to make a documentary about the wiki-community. Two years later they have made recordings of several other wiki-activities and will also be at Wikimania 2007, still for the documentary that started in 2005. Video and other materials are placed online on the wiki of the Wikimentary project. It is the intentions and hope of the makers of this documentary that people will come and work on this documentary like many people do to the many wiki projects that exist. Everybody who knows about the wiki world is welcome to go to and work on the first real “Wikimentary”, a community created documentary. Policy [IRC reform] – The IRC channel #wikipedia has a new management and policy. This to try to reduce the off-topic talk in the channel. The changes are not well received by all. Foundation [Elections] – The number of candidates for the board has increased suddenly from 4 to 17. Submissions as a candidate and the endorsement procedure will close Saturday, 2007-06-23 23:59 UTC. Currently it looks like most candidates will have enough endorsements to go to the actual election....

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Year: 2007 Week: 02 Number: 57

Technical news [Mailing lists] – The Wikimedia mailing lists were moved to a server in the Kennisnet cluster in Amsterdam. For users, this means that all the posting email addresses have changed to the format “<name_of_list>@“. The old posting address formats “@“, ““.Using the new posting address is recommended. If you are using messages rules to organize your email, they will need to be updated. A benefit of the move is that a system failure in the Florida cluster will not disable the mailing lists (if you send the posting to the new posting address). Another benefit is that mailing lists can be created without system administrator intervention, which will make it much quicker to create them from now on. [Backup] – Wikimedia Deutschland bought a RAID system with a capacity of 12 terabytes. It arrived in Amsterdam this week, and will be used to make a back-up of the project’s data. [source: Arne [OTRS] – The software used for answering the emails send to the Wikimedia foundation and projects is updated. This is important because the like everybody the received a lot of spam and now it is mush easier and faster to remove spams. Now can the volunteers working on the emails spend more time working on the emails instead of sorting out the real question between the spam. If you like to...

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