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Month: December 2006

Wikizine – number: 55

Technical news [Auto patrol] – If a user has the “autopatrol” right, then their edits are auto-marked as patrolled. If a user does not have this right, then they can not mark their own edits as patrolled in the normal fashion. [Check user] – the interface for check user has been changed. There is now a field to provide a reason for the check. The log where you can see that can only been seen by checkusers. Foundation [Stewards] – The Wikimedia Foundation appointed 12 new stewards; M7, Redux, Effeietsanders, Dbl2010, Shanel, Pathoschild, Guillom, Bastique, Drini, Darkoneko ,Cspurrier, MaxSem Community [User:†††††] – When SUL is implemented all users have one user account for all wikis. But also one user name. And because the many languages use different writing systems it means that user names also are written in very different characters. When used on Wikis not using that system writing system it can be that it is impossible to read those user names. This  because of unknown writing system for the normal users there or because the are displayed as ††††† because of lack of font support on the computers used by most of the users of that wiki. On some wikis it happens that people with “foreign” user names are blocked because of that. An extensive discussion is ongoing on the mailing list about that and...

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Wikizine – number: 54

Technical news   [(+338)] – New anti-vandalism function is included to the recent changes. When an edit is made it now shows up in the RC how many characters are removed or added. This function is also added to the IRC-stream of the recent changes. To use is conect to with a IRC-client and go to #xx.wikiproject = so FR Wikibooks is #fr.wikibooks [Site notice] – registered users have now the option to hide the site notice messages. It works with a cookie. The cookie expires after one month. To view the the site notice again or delete the cookie “dismissSiteNotice” or a sysop must give the site notice a new ID-number. This can be set in MediaWiki:Sitenotice_id a number other then the current ID-number. Ad one digit or use a random number. Translate MediaWiki:Sitenotice_close for the “close” link.   Reminder; if the site notice shown to the anonymous users must be the same as for the registered users then you can keep MediaWiki:Anonnotice empty. Then MediaWiki:Sitenotice will also be used for anonymous visitors.   [Oversight] – this is an technical function that can be used to censor the history of an article. The difference with a normal dentition is that there is no undo like for the deletion function. When used, it is also no longer visible for sysops.. It is actually a function to hide...

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Wikizine – number: 53 Tech flash

Technical news The fund raiser is now live! The fund raiser banner must be or must come on the top of all WMF websites. The banner will only appear automatically if [[MediaWiki:Anonnotice]] and/or [[MediaWiki:Sitenotice]] are never been updated before. So this means for most wikis the banner needs to be manually activated. To have a successful fund raiser the banner must be on the projects wikis. The instructions for how to get the banner working on your home wiki can you find on this page; Notice the new option “close” for registered user. This can hide the banner. Please only translate the text, nothing else. Please help with this, this is paying the bill. When you get the banners working for your home-wiki do not forget the other projects in you language. Check them and updated them there to, if you do not have sysop rights there ask it to local admin, put a notice in there local village pump. Request for help For the fund raiser some documents and pages still need translation. Please go to; and see how you can help with translating. Meta is also a wiki, so you can do it. There is also a new type of donation page. It is already created for a fair amount of languages but many still have the old one. Please first verify that the content...

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Wikizine – number: 53 Extra edition

Request for help Anthere, Chair of the WMF, has send the following request to Foundation-l; HelloAs roughly announced last week, the fundraiser will start *tomorrow*. A bunch of things still need to be fixed, and in particular, WE NEED HELP to translate the fundraising page. We need it at minimum for tomorrow in english, german, french, spanish, swedish, japanese, italian, dutch…Please help us with the translation. The page in on Foundation because it requires html (will not work on meta) and is using rather complex templates. If you need help and more generally, please contact Danny (dwool ATTTT These are the most urgent languages, others are welcome as well of course. Please coordinate either with Danny or with Aphaia and transcom. Thank you for your help Anthere Editor(s):...

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Wikizine – number: 53

Technical new [Redirect] – It is now possible to redirect to a specific section of the target page. The syntax is; #REDIRECT[[Target page#Traget section]] This only works when JavaScript is enabled; otherwise, the redirect will lead to top of the target page. [OS swap] – The developers seem to be changing the operating systems used on the servers from Fedora to Ubuntu. Both are Linux distributions. [Python Wikipediabot] – The Python Wikipediabot framework has been updated. [tEmplate] – On most projects, the first letter of an article title starts with a capital letter, but some subjects are correctly spelled with a starting lowercase letter. There is a way around this by using a special template that changes the appearance of the title with JavaScript. – the template – the template in action Request for help [License Wikizine] – Wikizine is currently using the GNU Free Documentation License. A request has been made to change that; reader feedback would be useful. Foundation [New boardmembers] – The Wikimedia Foundation has appointed 3 new board members. These are w:en:user:Mindspillage (Kat Walsh), w:nl:Gebruiker:Oscar (Oscar van Dillen) and Jan-Bart van Kennisnet (Jan-Bart de Vreede). Kate and Oscar were candidates in the last board election that appointed Eloquence (Erik Möller). For personal descriptions, see their board election candidacy statements linked below. Jan-Bart was an unexpected appointment; he was not...

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