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Month: October 2006

Wikizine – number: 48

Technical news [Reminder Spam] – Users who have an easy username, like “Walter”, frequently get a password reminder. Probably from someone trying to make an account with that name. But there are also weirdos who are using this...

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Wikizine – number: 47

Technical news [Block Opera users] – It appears that some bot is posting the question on wikis and forums that the can not see images when using the browser Opera. Foundation [Portal] –...

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Wikizine – number: 46

Technical news [AntiSpoof] – there is a new check when creating a new account live to prevent the creation of new accounts who look like existing users. For example if there is a user named “Ellen” the creation of the account...

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Wikizine – number: 45

Technical news [] – New accounts on the WMF-wikis can not longer be created if the username contains the @-symbol. Existing users who have that symbol in there username can still login but only temporary. All...

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Wikizine – number: 44

Technical news[Portal] – Wikibooks has now also its own real portal. It used to point to a page on the wiki to act as portal. The portal is in Wikipedia-style. –...

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