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Month: October 2006

Wikizine – number: 48

Technical news [Reminder Spam] – Users who have an easy username, like “Walter”, frequently get a password reminder. Probably from someone trying to make an account with that name. But there are also weirdos who are using this function to spam users with reminders. There are users who receive hundreds of that type of emails a day.To stop this type of abuse the password reminder function now has limits. There is a limit of one password reminder per user per 24-hour period, and 5 password reminders per IP per hour. [Accesskeys change] – the function of the accesskeys and tooltips will be moved soon out of the Monobook.js and and implement them server-side.  This may affect personal scripts that implement custom accesskeys. [] – has been offline form Friday until Sunday evening. This domain is only used for redirecting traffic to a country-portal and limited services. Indications suggest that the bill for this domain was not paid. This domain was also offline some time in 2004 for the same reason when the fee for two years was not paid. Request for help [Wikizine] requests more feedback form the readers about news from there home-wikis, especially the non-English language communities. [Wikimania2007] – Request for cooperation from the technical people for setting up the Wikimania 2007 Hacking Days Foundation [WMF-board change] – The board decided to change...

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Wikizine – number: 47

Technical news [Block Opera users] – It appears that some bot is posting the question on wikis and forums that the can not see images when using the browser Opera. Foundation [Portal] – Wikimédia France has installed a portal at This portal provides task-oriented directions for finding images and text content on Commons and Wikisource, with the help of Wikipedia. Community [LSS] – the project started by meta:user:Improv of creating summaries of the postings to the mailing list Foundation-l is still alive. It is even growing. The list summaries are also a year disposal in Frensh and Spanish. [Report] from the Portuguese Wikipedia Media [Schools] – it is suggested that the visitor traffic to the English language Wikipedia is connected with students in the USA. At least one editor of a high school newspaper is very enthusiastic about Wikipedia Stats [Conlang] – The total number of articles in planned language (or “conlang”) Wikipedias and net encyclopedias has passed 80,000. There are at present 7 active Wikipedias on the main list: Esperanto, Ido, Interlingua, Novial, Volapük, Lojban and Interlingue]], with 79,665 articles. In addition, the Meta page notes the Wiki lexicon of Lingua Franca Nova with 573 articles, and the two former Wikipedias of Toki Pona and Klingon, with 301 articles. This gives a total of 80,539, slightly below 1.5% of all...

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Wikizine – number: 46

Technical news [AntiSpoof] – there is a new check when creating a new account live to prevent the creation of new accounts who look like existing users. For example if there is a user named “Ellen” the creation of the account “E11en” is not allowed. [Math skills are needed] to make a new account on some of the smaller projects. To protected wikis from bots making accounts or inserting spam a captcha system is active on the smaller wikis. To save a page of make an account you need to answer a problem like 48-10=? . This is because there are problems in loading the images displaying the letters of the classic captcha-system. The math version is only temporally until the problem with the loading of the images is fixt. [Default block settings] – the default option when a sysop blocks a user to block logged in user by default seems to make a good change to be changed to not blocking logged in users by default when blocking an ipadress. To override the default options see Wikizine number 34 Policy [Logo] – the last fase for the selection of new logos for Wikibooks, Wiktionary and Wikiversity has started. Votes are open until 31 October. Politics [unblock Wikipedia] – Since rencently internet users of mainland China have again access to the English language after...

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Wikizine – number: 45

Technical news [] – New accounts on the WMF-wikis can not longer be created if the username contains the @-symbol. Existing users who have that symbol in there username can still login but only temporary. All these users need to request for a username change. Contact a local bureaucrat to do that or ask a steward if your wiki does not have a bureaucrat. [CategoryTree] – On the category-pages there is now a function added that lets users browse through the lower category levels from the higher category. There is an option to “expand” the category. This makes it much more easy to navigate and find the category you are looking for without the need to actually request the different layers of the category. This function works only if javascript is enabled. If not, the “+” symbol appears but does not work. Those users can still use the categories the traditional way. Besides the implementation of this function on the category pages,  there is also a new special page [[Special:CategoryTree]] that provides this functionaly. To localize the messages for this, modify the MediaWiki-pages starting with “Categorytree”. – example of a categoryusing this function Stats [Going-up] – According to comScor is the traffic to Wikipedia in Europe in August strongly increased and has Wikipedia now the 6th place of the most popular websites (in Europe)....

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Wikizine – number: 44

Technical news[Portal] – Wikibooks has now also its own real portal. It used to point to a page on the wiki to act as portal. The portal is in Wikipedia-style. – Our CEO posted a strong statement about...

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