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Month: August 2006

Wiki down!

The wikis are down! Wikis are up!This post will be updated with news when there is news. Walter Friday 18 August 2006 – 17:53 UTCrouter problem – some parts of the world can see it, some can’t. Estimated uptime: Don’t ask –...

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Wikizine – number: 38

Acknowledgement, a small webhoster, supports Wikizine by granting a free account upgrade to match it bandwidth needs. The WMF provides Wikizine with a free mailing list. Thank You. Technical news [CORRECTION] – in...

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Wikizine – number: 37

Technical news [Stable version] – the German language Wikipedia will soon (how soon is not known yet) enable a new function on there wiki to support “stable versions” as an experiment. This should increase the quality of the...

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Wikimania 2006 Online

Wikimedia2006 is over. What left is are recordings who will probaly been added for several days to come. See on the archive page on the Wikimania wiki for these.Updated: 2006-08-09 09:15 UTC-0 Wikimania program schedule – The...

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Wikizine – number: 36 Extra

Wikimania 2006 OnlineIt is now almost so far. The main Wikimedia event of the year; Wikimania 2006.(View countdown until Wikimania )From this Friday until Sunday in Cambrige, Massachusetts, USA Wikimedians fromall around the...

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