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Month: July 2006

Wikizine – number: 36

Technical news [More] servers are coming. The WMF board approved the purchase of 20 new servers with a value of $61440.00. There are now already 167 servers in service. – View of the distribution of the server around the world Request for help [“Free”] – There is a project for creating a clear definition about what a free content licence needs to be to be called “free”. Main forces behind this are Erik Möller/meta:User:Eloquence and w:en:Benjamin Mako Hill. Input is requested to work on the definition and move it to version 1.0 – First announcement 2006-05-01 – Update 2006-07-30 [Job] Wiki expert in Nigeria needed New project proposals [Wikicat] a project to create an open, bibliographical catalog. Policy [Ombudsman] – A special ombudsman commission is founded to take care of complaints regarding possible privacy violations. This includes complaints about the use of the checkuser function. [Logo] – The name for the incubator-wiki is confirmed. It stays “Incubator”. The project also now has its own logo now and is live. And even the test-wiki has now a logo. Foundation [Move] – The WiktionaryZ test site will be hosted by the WMF. This does not mean that WiktionaryZ has become an official Wikimedia project. Community [DE.wp news] The Signpost brings a report about how the the German language Wikipedia...

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Wikizine – number: 35

Technical news [Z] -WikitionaryZ, the pre-alpha ultimate Wiktionary, has new functionality; new “Expressions” and “DefinedMeanings” can be added. This means that a new concept can now be translated in many languages. For more details, read the text about the DefinedMeaning on WiktionaryZ and ask on IRC ( #wiktionary) for more information if needed. [Ogg Vorbis] – The fact that the Wikimedia projects are using Ogg Vorbis for audio can be a problem for some users. There is a web based Ogg Player that can be used to make it more easy fore the visitors to listen to the audio. EN Wikinews is using this already. You only need to put the path to the audio file after that of the player. — working example Request for help [Translators] are requested to help with the translation work for the board election. Currently there is not yet anything to translate. People who are willing to help can put there name on the list with volunteers Meta:Elections_for_the_Board_of_Trustees_of_the_Wikimedia_Foundation Foundation [Election] – The election for a new member of the board of the Wikimedia Foundation will start on the first of September. Essjay and Datrio have been appointed as inspectors of the election. Aphaia will assist them as an alternate election official. [WMF Nederland] – The Dutch chapter is organizing a one-day conference in Utrecht, Netherlands. And this on 2...

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Wikizine – number: 34

Technical news [550] The new blocking policy has now been implemented by Tim Starling, resolving bug 550. You can control the type of block by means of two tick boxes. The default settings result in the same behavior as before the change. These default settings are; [ ] Block anonymous users only [X] Prevent account creation (To localize these options, edit [[MediaWiki:Ipbanononly]] and [[MediaWiki:Ipbcreateaccount]]) So if you do not change those setting registered users will still have no access from the school or from their ISP proxy, not have the option to make an account. The default settings give the most total block possible. Thanks to user [[w:en:User:Lupin]] there is a small Javascript that you can include in your monobook.js so that the default settings are for the “softest” block: only blocking anonymous users, account creation allowed. Or if there is local community approval for it you can include it in the [[MediaWiki:Monobook.js]]-page so it is active for all users. Here is the javascript code Request for help [Update] – The translations of the “Board of Trustees” page need to be updated [Awareness Project] This is a WikiProject that aims to spread awareness of Wikipedia and the ability to edit it freely around real-life communities in order to try and attract more contributors from a variety of ages. We hope to gather and catalogue promotional material for...

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Wikizine – nr.:33 – Tech flash

Technical news!!!-***Bug 550 is going to be fixed soon***-!!!Tim Starling announced on the mailing list that very soon, probably within 24hours, the way the block function works will change. Most important changes;Allow blocks on anonymous users only...

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Wikizine – number: 33

Technical news[<poem>] On the Wikisource project a new tag is now live especially for poemsWikitech-l[Bug550] will be fixed soon, block options will changeWikipedia-l[localization] – BetaWiki is a project to centralize the translations and...

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