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Month: June 2006

Wikizine – number: 31 Special edition

Wikizine announcementWith pleasure can Wikizine present to you our new website at You can there find Wikizine in “blog-style”. You can browse easy in the older editions and use the search function find what...

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Wikizine – number: 31

Technical news [SpecialPage] again a new one; “[[Special:Uncategorizedimages]] – to translate edit [[MediaWiki:Uncategorizedimages]] and[[MediaWiki:Uncategorizedimages-summary]] [Magic word] {{NUMBEROFADMINS}} and __NOGALLERY__ added. “[OpenID] will likely be supported later this year. – Brion” OpenID is a system to be used for identification for website who are supporting the system. The benefit is that you only need one account that can be used to log on to all participating websites. Request for help [Translation] request for the new privacy policy. New project proposals [Simple Spanish] “Would it be an idea to start a “simple Spanish”” – There is some support but like it looks now not enough. – Embryo of the project Policy [Privacy policy] the Wikimedia Foundation privacy policy has been updated. The most current version is the version “June 2006″. The changes between the versions are modest. – current version – the changes between the versions [NewLogos] Discussions are ongoing with logo proposals on Meta regarding the redesign of logos on Wiktionary and Wikibooks, as well as on a logo for Wikimedia Incubator. Currently the incubator logo proposals look the most original. Politics [Board expansion?] Jimbo considers to expand the board with a famous person. There is support for the idea but not to add them to the board but to a “advisory board”. Foundation [Wikimedia Italia]...

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Wikizine – number: 30

Technical news [undelete] Uploaded files which are deleted can now be undeleted. Admins can also view the deleted files without actually undeleting them. This works only with newly deleted files. Wikipedia-l Request for help...

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Wikizine – number: 29

Technical news [X_FORWARD] An old problem : users who have done nothing wrong are blocked because the IP they are using is used by others who share the same ISP. This has been known as the “bug 550″ problem. In some cases a solution is now possible : when the ISP provides an “X-Forwarded-For” [XFF] header. Users of those ISPs have their real local IP address included when contacting a webserver. The configuration of the wiki can be changed so that the IP address provided in the XFF header is used for the identification on the wikis and blocks, at least when provided from specific IP addresses. Users from these ISPs can then edit even when other users on the same network have been blocked. [Hide language] On Meta and some other projects, there are very multilingual pages. So multilingual, that it can be annoying to look for content between all the different languages. There is now a work-in-progress solution to show only specific languages. A Java-script version is live on Meta now. [FireFox&GoogleToolbar] A bug has been discovered for people using FireFox and the GoogleToolbar and edit MediaWiki. When editing a large page, if one goes to another tab -> loads a page there -> goes back to the tab where originally editing, text from the edit window will have been cut. After deinstalling Google...

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Wikizine – number: 28

Technical news [oversight] A new revision-hiding user class, “oversight”, was createdrecently. Users with the function can permanently delete pagerevisions containing personal information, copyright violations, orlibelous content. This is function is only active on the Englishlanguage Wikipedia [NewWikisource] 19 new language version-wikis of Wikisource are created {{#language:}} magic word added. For example, {{#language:es}} produces Español. Policy [Test] Wikipedia pages on meta are being moved to a separate wiki. Politics [Sitenotice-to-all] The Communications Committee is working on a wayto set the sitenotice for all wikis. Probably a bot with sysop-statuswill be used for this. Foundation [CEO] The WMF has decided to hire a lawyer for legal matters and whowill also work as “Interim Executive Director”. [New committee] The WMF has the decided to establish a Fundraising committee. Community [CH Wikimedia] on the 17th June the first Swiss Wikipedia-day will proceed. Stats [EO] The Esperanto Wikipedia has reached 100,000 total pages. [$] In the month May the WMF received 1504 donations for a total of$33,210 by means of PayPal Did you know … … that according to Alexa, the Russian Wiktionary is the secondmost-visited Wiktionary, with half as much traffic as the Englishproject? Quote Fun will now commence – Seven Of Nine, “Ashes to Ashes”, stardate 53679.4 Editor(s): Shizhao,...

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