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Month: May 2006

Wikizine – number: 27

Technical news[Magic words] New magic word: {{CURRENTTIMESTAMP}}[Tiny bits] A lot of small changes to the Wikis. See B.R.I.O.N. of theSignpost...

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Wikizine – number: 26

Technical news [NewTool] CommonsTicker is a tool written by [[w:de:User:Duesentrieb]] for collecting critical events regarding images on Commons and posting them tothe wikis using the respective image. So with this tool you see...

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Wikizine – number: 25

Technical news [Bad Image] – there is now the page [[MediaWiki:Bad image list]]. Imageslisted there can not be displayed in that Wiki.Example; If you put on that page [[:Image:George-W-Bush.jpeg]] then theimage will be changed...

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Wikizine – number: 24

=== Technical news ===[Update Renameuser] The contributions limit for [[Special:Renameuser]]is increased to 200,000. This means a bureacrat now can rename an useraccount for so far the have not done more then 200,000 edits....

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Wikizine – number: 23

=== Technical news ===[Local botpower] The bureaucrats have now a new responsibility. The willfind in the “Special pages” section the special page[[Special:Makebot]]. With this page the can give and revoke the bot flagof a user...

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