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Month: May 2006

Wikizine – number: 27

Technical news[Magic words] New magic word: {{CURRENTTIMESTAMP}}[Tiny bits] A lot of small changes to the Wikis. See B.R.I.O.N. of theSignpost...

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Wikizine – number: 26

Technical news [NewTool] CommonsTicker is a tool written by [[w:de:User:Duesentrieb]] for collecting critical events regarding images on Commons and posting them tothe wikis using the respective image. So with this tool you see what is going on with the images that your wiki is using from commons. [nofollow] On the English Wikipedia is the rel=”nofollow” attribute now inuse on external links outside the main article namespace. By addingrel=”nofollow” to a hyperlink, a page indicates that the destination ofthat hyperlink should not be afforded any additional weight or ranking byuser agents which perform link analysis upon web pages (e.g. searchengines). [Magic words] New magic words {{BASEPAGENAME}}, {{BASEPAGENAMEE}},{{NUMBEROFPAGES}} and {{CURRENTVERSION}} were introduced. New project proposals [Wiki Activism] WikiActivism is a project for past and present socialmovements such as the Civil Rights movement, Animal Rights movement, andthe blooming Immigrant Rights movement. Foundation [Chapters news] Delphine (notafish) is back from Europe where she visitedvarious Wikimedia chapters. Read the interesting report of Delphine aboutWikimedia Polska, Wikimedia Deutschland, Wikimedia Italia and WikimediaSerbia and Montenegro. [de.wikimedia] Wikimedia Deutschland e.V. has decided to open a office inthe real world. The WMDE is currently searching for office space in theFrankfurt area. The hope that the office will be open from October.Initially there will be one employee for that office, a “Geschäftsführer”(director, chief clerk, manager). There where 65 candidates for thatfunction. Arne Klempert...

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Wikizine – number: 25

Technical news [Bad Image] – there is now the page [[MediaWiki:Bad image list]]. Imageslisted there can not be displayed in that Wiki.Example; If you put on that page [[:Image:George-W-Bush.jpeg]] then theimage will be changed to a link to that pictures description page.Why; some users where vandalizing articles by including to them images.Especially images from a very explicit sexual nature are popular forthis. Even when the only remain on it for a couple of minutes it cangive a very bad impression. Also on the article where the image issupposed to be used the image is not displayed, only a link to thedescription page. [Magic word] New magic word __NEWSECTIONLINK__ was introduced, whichallows users to add a “new section” link (shown as a tab in Monobook) topages which aren’t talk pages. [New tools] Especially useful is “Commonshelper”, which semi-automatesmoving images to Commons with a correct history summary. Request for help [Web design] Wikimania is looking for a web designer. Foundation [Tron] Some time ago there where legal problems for the German Wikipediaabout the article of the deceased hacker Tron. His parents did not likedit that the article contains the real name of Tron, Boris Floricic. Andthe sued Wikimedia about this. The lost but appealed that discussion.Now the have also lost the appeal. Further appeal is not possible. It isallowed to include the full name of Tron in the...

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Wikizine – number: 24

=== Technical news ===[Update Renameuser] The contributions limit for [[Special:Renameuser]]is increased to 200,000. This means a bureacrat now can rename an useraccount for so far the have not done more then 200,000 edits. Accordingto the available...

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Wikizine – number: 23

=== Technical news ===[Local botpower] The bureaucrats have now a new responsibility. The willfind in the “Special pages” section the special page[[Special:Makebot]]. With this page the can give and revoke the bot flagof a user account. The stewards...

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