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Month: April 2006

Wikizine – number: 22

=== Technical news === [ParserFunctions] The extension for mathematical expressions and conditional constructs has been enabled on all Wikimedia wikis. [Single Login] is coming. The previous time frame for it was “end of February, early march”. The current time frame is “It’ll be done when it’s done. – Brion”. Make sure that you use for all your accounts the same email address so the can be merged when it is time. === Request for help === [Wikimania] There are two weeks left to submit presentation ideas for Wikimania. The design of the conference site is being discussed. === Policy === [Privacy policy] suggestion of a revised version of the policy === Community === [] End of 2005 the Foundation announced a partnership with The agreement included that would provide a search tool where some of the revenue of the use of this tool would go to the Wikimedia Foundation. The tool is now available. There is controversy about this partnership. is accused to be a company using dishonorable ways of doing business. === Media === [Content review] BBC Focus magazine had experts compare three entries in Wikipedia, Britannica, Encarta and Infoplease in a quick study. Wikipedia was ranked [Fake Bio] of “war hero” caught the attention of the media. === Stats === [pdc.wp] The Pennsylvania German...

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Wikizine – number: 21

=== Technical news ===[Outage] Wikimedia was down from 19:19 UTC on 9th April to around 01:30UTC on 10th April. The explanation we have at this time is that one of the800A circuit breakers between the generators/UPS and our servers failed atour...

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Wikizine – number: 20

=== Technical news ===[CVS] The Concurrent Versions System of SourceForge’s developer CVS hasbeen down. Because of this Brion has setup his own CVS for MediaWiki. Thisis CVS system is a system for working on software with several people likethe wiki...

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