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Month: March 2006

Wikizine – number: 19 Extra

=== The WMF is closing the French Wikiquote === The French language Wikiquote is closed by the foundation. This notice is placed on the main page of the locked wiki; After analyzing the data contained in the fr.wikiquote site,...

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Wikizine – number: 19

=== Community === [WP] Fourteen new wikipedias have been created: Dutch Low Sakson, West Flamish, Ligurian, Kalmyk, Tetum, Papiamentu, Romany, Samogitian, Ripuarian, Pennsylvania German, Franco-Provençal/Arpitan, Cantonese,...

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Wikizine – number: 18

=== Technical news (*)===[Move page] Normal users can now move back a moved page. Seems to workon all WMF wikis.Example; [[user:Tom]] moves page [[Tom’s page]] to [[Tom’s moved page]].[[Tom’s page]] is a redirect to [[Tom’s...

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Wikizine – number: 17

=== Technical news === [More anti-spam] On the smaller wikis you need from now on to enter a word displayed as a image (captcha) if you are an anonymous user and you are adding a URL to that page. [Special Page] New option the...

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Wikizine – number: 16

=== Technical news === [E-mail] Wikipedia e-mail confirmation has been enabled. To receive Wikipedia e-mail, you must go to Special:Confirmemail, request a code, and follow the link in the e-mail. The reason is that Wikimedias...

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