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Month: February 2006

Wikizine – number: 15

=== Technical news ===[capitalize] All Wiktionary editions have been converted to no longerautomatically capitalize entry titles. This change came without priordiscussion in the affected communities.[Vandal Fighter] A tool for...

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Wikizine – number: 14

=== Technical news === [Semi-protection] is now active on all wikis. Semi-protection of a page prevents unregistered editors and editors with very new accounts editing that page. “Very new” is currently defined as four days....

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Wikizine – number: 13

=== Technical news === [wikidown] due to reasons still under investigation the Wikimedia projects where mostly down during Monday 13 february. Best guess now is due physical hard disk failure. Emails send to Wikimedia (OTRS) and...

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Wikizine – number:12

=== Technical news === [passwd] It used to be possible to use a blank password on wiki accounts. Not anymore. There were even sysop accounts with no password. Users with an account with no password and no email address have no...

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