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Month: February 2006

Wikizine – number: 15

=== Technical news ===[capitalize] All Wiktionary editions have been converted to no longerautomatically capitalize entry titles. This change came without priordiscussion in the affected communities.[Vandal Fighter] A tool for watching “recent...

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Wikizine – number: 14

=== Technical news === [Semi-protection] is now active on all wikis. Semi-protection of a page prevents unregistered editors and editors with very new accounts editing that page. “Very new” is currently defined as four days. Sysops can change the status of a page. Making a policy to use this on your wiki is advisable – for policy inspiration for your homewiki [Recentchanges] You can now hide your own edits in the “recent changes” by adding a option to [[MediaWiki:Showhideminor]]. See for examples [Undelete] Sysops can view the deleted pages. The view changed of those deleted pages is now changed. The revisions are now displayed as the wiki source code. [Pipeline] – it is not yet so but it seems likely that soon bureaucrats will be able to give the bot flag. “Bot flag” means that a user gets the status that it is a “bot”, a computer program that makes edits on the wiki. With the bot flag on users have the option to exclude the edits of that user class from recent changes. === Request for Comments === [InstantCommons] – proposal to give all MediaWiki-wikis the option to use Wikimedia Commons media. Funding for this is available. Feedback is requested. === Foundation === [Wikimedia UK] officially exists. Official its name is “Wiki Educational Resources Limited” (WER), a company limited by guarantee...

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Wikizine – number: 13

=== Technical news === [wikidown] due to reasons still under investigation the Wikimedia projects where mostly down during Monday 13 february. Best guess now is due physical hard disk failure. Emails send to Wikimedia (OTRS) and the lists should be saved and arriving soon. Many of the issues have been sorted but there are still some on-going problems, as such no wikipedia or wikimedia project should be considered as stable for the moment. Please see sources listed here for more and better news. [Anon!] There is a new field to give a warning to anonymous users that their ip-address will be exposed if the edit. It appears above the edit box. Default is English if you have not translated it. [Larousse] (2003-2006) – the oldest Wikimedia server still in service has gone offline. Larouse came to serve Wikipedia in may 2003 as the second server ever that Wikipedia acquired. Larouse started to work as THE webserver of Wikipedia with its companion Pliny, the long gone first server, acting as the database server. In his later life cycle Laurouse was used for various light tasks, including nagios, DNS, some IRC services and web serving for Larouse expired at the age of 2 and 10 months, without warranty, because of hardisk failure at the Wikimedia hosting facility in Tampa, Florida. [No Tinyurl] On Meta there...

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Wikizine – number:12

=== Technical news === [passwd] It used to be possible to use a blank password on wiki accounts. Not anymore. There were even sysop accounts with no password. Users with an account with no password and no email address have no access anymore to there account. Brion is working on a solution for that. [Dump] The full dump of last week is still running. The dump of ja, ko, ms, and th are on the Korean cluster. === Request for help === [Logo] Wikisource wiki is looking for a new logo. Logo submissions are welcome until February 14, 2006 === Foundation === [OpenMeeting] Sunday February 5, 21.00 UTC is there a open Wikimedia meeting on IRC. The #wikimedia-meeting channel is accessible on the web via for anyone who can not access IRC. The meeting is to discuss the new committees organization of the Wikimedia Foundation. The committee organizers are reqested to attend. Anyone else with an interest in Foundation matters is very welcome. Please inform your home-wiki. irc:// === Community === [Award] Japanese Wikipedia has been awarded the 11th AMD Award, Digital Contents of the Year’05, Best Writer prize by Association of Media In Digital [Nominaton] User Amarant, the, so far as is known, very first user of the dutch language Wikipedia is been nominated for the Vosko award, for being...

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