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Month: January 2006

Year: 2006 Week:5 Number:11

=== Technical news === [Captcha] For anti-spam reasons you have to enter the code displayed as a graphic to sign-up for an account on the smaller wikis. There is not yet a solution for visually limited users....

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Year: 2006 Week: 4 Number: 10

=== Technical news === [Anonnotice] – The MediaWiki-page [[Mediawiki:Sitenotice]] for putting a notice on top of every page of the wiki and used for things like the fund drives, is now divided. The notice put on...

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Year: 2006 Week: 3 Number: 9

=== Technical news === [+] plus signs are now allowed in titles. example: [Test] test wiki runs from the current NFS copy of MediaWiki. Changes to the code will generally appear here a few minutes...

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Year: 2006 Week: 2 Number: 8

=== Technical news === [[Special:Disambiguations]] works again on all Florida-cluster wikis. You just have to make sure that the template being used to flag disambiguation pages is correctly set in:...

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Anno Domini MMVI Week I Number VII

=== Technical news === [Berlin roundup] Brion has gone to Berlin for a conference and to meet some people like Magnus and JeLuf and posted a report about that on Meta. Very interesting. Like that it seems that the mythical...

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