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Month: January 2006

Year: 2006 Week:5 Number:11

=== Technical news === [Captcha] For anti-spam reasons you have to enter the code displayed as a graphic to sign-up for an account on the smaller wikis. There is not yet a solution for visually limited users. [Anti-spam] Tim Starling has made spam-removing scripts. I your wiki is infested with url-spam, Tim can wipe it clean. Ask at #wikimedia-tech. [New Dump] of the database of all projects is running. === Request for help === [WikiAuthors] – A new project proposal for the disambiguation of authors’ names in MEDLINE, an online database of biomedical literature. === Foundation === [reform] The board of the Wikimedia Foundation decided to reform their organisation. The official positions are to be supplemented with a series of new committees. Like the “Financial committee”, “Executive committee” and so on. All together 8 committees. The actual form how those committees will work is still under development. Angela welcomes suggestions from people who have experience with the organisation of non-profit organizations. This board-meeting was special because of the high number of physical present key figures of the Wikimedia Foundation. The meeting toeck place in Sint Petersburg, Florida from January 13th until the 15th. The board members; Angela, Jimmy (Jimbo), Michael Davis, and Tim Shell where present. And 5 others involved with the Foundation; Brad Patrick (legal counsel), Delphine (notafish), Danny Wool, Daniel (mav), and...

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Year: 2006 Week: 4 Number: 10

=== Technical news === [Anonnotice] – The MediaWiki-page [[Mediawiki:Sitenotice]] for putting a notice on top of every page of the wiki and used for things like the fund drives, is now divided. The notice put on [[Mediawiki:Sitenotice]] is only displayed to logged-on users. The new MediaWiki-page [[Mediawiki:Anonnotice]] is for showing a notice only to anonymous users. So if you need to display a notice to all users you need to modify “[[Mediawiki:Sitenotice]]” and “[[Mediawiki:Anonnotice]]”. If you put {{:MediaWiki:Sitenotice}} inside [[Mediawiki:Anonnotice]] then everything will behave as before. [Stewards] can now again set rigths for the wikis hosted on the Korean/Yahoo cluster. Those are ja.wikipedia, ko.wikipedia, ms.wikipedia and th.wikipedia – Stewards are users who can give and revoke user rights (like sysop) of any user on any Wikimedia project. [Semi-protection] Semi-protection enabled on the Spanish Wikipedia and the Japanese Wikinews. [Namespace] French language Wikipedia has begun using a new namespace for references cited within articles.éférence === Request for help === [Spam Filter] Project startup. Addresses deficiencies in existing SpamBlacklist extension and $wgSpamRegex. It is now in the proposal phase and is reviewing requirements and seeking developers. The idea is to give maximum control at the local wiki to protected against spam. – project coordinator === Policy === [ProtectSection] There is a new vote in It is about whether you want ProtectSection to be enabled.

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Year: 2006 Week: 3 Number: 9

=== Technical news === [+] plus signs are now allowed in titles. example: [Test] test wiki runs from the current NFS copy of MediaWiki. Changes to the code will generally appear here a few minutes before they appear on the rest of the Wikimedia wikis. === Foundation === [Steward] the board approved 9 new stewards. [post-Q4 fund drive] Officially the fund drive is over. But there is still the “Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales’s personal appeal for donations” on most wikis. And that seems to work. There are still very nice amounts of donations coming in. Donations of 100 dollar/euro are not uncommon. And even very large donations; $15000,00 from Jeff Minor. === Community === [Frau] The Germans have found the most NPOV-woman. Still looking for a man. === Media === [The power of Google] Google celebrating the birthday of Louis Braille generated nearly 600 edits to that article on the English Wikipedia in 24 hours. [Sex offender] arrested partly because of information found on en.Wikipedia === Did you know … === … that if you give a user/ipadress a block and if that user is all ready blocked it is the shortest block that counts? Example; sysop John gives user betty1995 a block of 1 hour. sysop Marjet gives also user betty1995 a block but of 2 weeks. Betty1995 will...

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Year: 2006 Week: 2 Number: 8

=== Technical news === [[Special:Disambiguations]] works again on all Florida-cluster wikis. You just have to make sure that the template being used to flag disambiguation pages is correctly set in: [[MediaWiki:Disambiguationspage]] It must be part of the template:namespace ( aka template: ). Example: [[Special:Unwatchedpages]], the page where you can see the pages that are not on someone’s watchlist. If you are sysop you can find it in the “Restricted special pages”-section. It lists just the first 1000 pages (not 5000) and is only periodically updated. [Wikitravel] The interwiki-links to Wikitravel are now functional to more than only the English language Wikitravel. You can now link the normal way to Wikitravel pages for all languages. [[wikitravel:xx:Name of the page]] Wikitravel exist in EN, FR, RO, DE, SV, JA, NL. To be clear about this; Wikitravel is not a wikimedia project. You can use interwiki-links to many wikis outside the Wikimedia family. === Technical non-news === [Old search database] the database used for the search function is still not updated. Articles created from at least December first 2004 can not be found. === Request for help === [Wikipedia Day] Sunday the 15th will once again be Wikipedia Day. 5 years of Wikipedia! If people are interested to do something to celebrate this, it is now high time to prepare. === Policy === [Wikimedia (TM)]...

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Anno Domini MMVI Week I Number VII

=== Technical news === [Berlin roundup] Brion has gone to Berlin for a conference and to meet some people like Magnus and JeLuf and posted a report about that on Meta. Very interesting. Like that it seems that the mythical Universal Login will become reality soon. [New Specialpage] Filepath that allows user agents to get the full path of a file from its name. Active on all wikis, for all users [Cite] Cite.php is a Cite extension that adds two parser hooks to MediaWiki, and , these operate together to add citations to pages. [SSL] Brion is experimenting with a HTTPS interface to the wikis. This service is *not* ready for the general public or even real use. Do not send your visitors to those url’s. It is also buggy for some wikis. For example on the dutch Wikipedia you get the message that the database is locked when you try to edit. And when you block a user it appears successful but it is not. Example; English Wikipedia Frensh Wikiquote German Wikines Meta === Request for help === [Q4] A Personal Appeal from Jimbo for donations. Please help translate the personal appeal from Jimbo Wales. EN, IT and PT version are now online. === Community === [Book/DVD] A 139 page book in German explaining Wikipedia, its history and...

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