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Month: December 2005

Year: 2005 Week: 52 Number: 6

=== Technical news ===[[Special:Unwatchedpages]] this new special page gives a listing of thefirst 5000 pages that are not on someones watchlist. It is a static listupdated regularly (hopefully). This is only for “users with...

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Year: 2005 Week: 51 Number: 5

=== Technical news === [IRC] IRC client restarted, allowing new channels on the Browne IRC server. irc:// [Q4] and the money is pouring in! If you put the code below on any page you get the donation status...

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Year: 2005 Week: 50 Number: 4

=== Technical news === [Kate’s Tool] to check the number of edits of a user is down. But there is a backup option; [Gollum] A special browser for Wikipedia....

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