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Month: December 2005

Year: 2005 Week: 52 Number: 6

=== Technical news ===[[Special:Unwatchedpages]] this new special page gives a listing of thefirst 5000 pages that are not on someones watchlist. It is a static listupdated regularly (hopefully). This is only for “users with protectpermission”. Sysops...

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Year: 2005 Week: 51 Number: 5

=== Technical news === [IRC] IRC client restarted, allowing new channels on the Browne IRC server. irc:// [Q4] and the money is pouring in! If you put the code below on any page you get the donation status bar. Hit F5 and be amazed; it is going faster then the article counter. === Policy === [Semi-protection policy] is a new policy from the English Wikipedia. When a page is “semi-protected” then newest X% of registered users and all unregistered users can not edit that page. The technical aspect of it does not yet work. === Politics === [Stewards] are users who can give and remove user rights to any Wikimedia project, among such rights are: bot, sysop and checkuser. There is now a nomination round for new stewards. Voting will start on 20th December 2005 and it’ll end on the 10th January 2006. You can list yourself during that time, but you’ll have lower chances then. The Board will eventually choose a group of users (from 1 to 10) who’ll gain steward status. === Foundation === [Bravo Italia] Wikipedia wins two Awards in Italy. === Media === [Good] One week Wikipedia is “not trustworthy”, the next we are “almost as good as Encyclopedia Britannica”. The result is a lot of very good press around the world. And also Wikipedia traffic skyrockets. We are now bigger...

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Year: 2005 Week: 50 Number: 4

=== Technical news === [Kate’s Tool] to check the number of edits of a user is down. But there is a backup option; [Gollum] A special browser for Wikipedia. === Request for help === [Fund drive] the next will start on 16 December. See of the translation in your language is ready. Many use the service of PayPal to donate to Wikimedia. PayPal is a very expensive way of payment, specially for small amounts. If you give 1 euro to Wikimedia then 39% of it gets lost to PayPal. Of that 1 euro Wikimedia gets only 0,61 euro. So if you use PayPal your are also donation to PayPal. If you live inside the European Union then you can donate to the Wikimedia Foundation by bank transfer for the same price as a national bank transfer. This is in most cases free of charge. If you give 1 euro by this way Wikimedia will get 1 euro. Make sure this option of payment is clearly given on your local donation page. IBAN BE43-0689-9999-9501 BIC (swift code) GKCCBEBB Dexia bank – Pachecolaan 44 – 1000 Brussel [Portal] the portal of can now also being edited like the other portals. It is now still very ugly. === Media === [Seigenthaler] Author apologizes for fake Wikipedia biography [Jimbo on CNN] with an interview...

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