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Month: November 2005

Year: 2005 Week: 47 Number: 1

=== Technical news === -[Rename User] the special page to rename users has come back the same way as it disappeared; unexpected. Bureaucrats should now again have the option to rename a user-account to another name, given that the name of the new user-account does not yet exist (see special pages). It also looks like the original limit, stating that only users with less then 6800 edits can be renamed, is still valid. Using Kate’s tool, users can check themselves their number of edits doesn’t exceed this limit. If your wiki does not have a formal policy for renaming users, please make sure at least that all users requesting to be renamed have placed a properly signed request on your wiki themselves. This to cover your ass as a bureaucrat. -[Fancy nicks]- For nicks including tags, such as color tags, it was found that many times the closing tag, in this case had been left out, messing up pages. The MediaWiki software has been changed because of this. Wiki markup and HTML markup do no longer function in the Nickname field any longer, unless the Raw signatures option is checked in your preferences. The current version has been tested and found to be secure against scripts, too. For more information follow the link. === Global === -[Wikimentary] a project about making documentaries of Wikimedia from uncut source...

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Year: 2005 Week: 46 Number: 0

=== Technical news ===The [Search] function now require all given terms to match by default.You can use options like;* stuff AND (foo OR bar)* stuff “foo bar”=== Policy ===-[Ch…

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Year: 2005 Week: 45 Number: -1

=== Technical news ===-[Sitemap] We now provide sitemaps for all Wikimedia wikis.Sitemaps are XML lists of all the pages in a website.

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