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Month: November 2005

Year: 2005 Week: 47 Number: 1

=== Technical news === -[Rename User] the special page to rename users has come back the same way as it disappeared; unexpected. Bureaucrats should now again have the option to rename a user-account to another name, given that...

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Year: 2005 Week: 46 Number: 0

=== Technical news ===The [Search] function now require all given terms to match by default.You can use options like;* stuff AND (foo OR bar)* stuff “foo bar”=== Policy ===-[Ch…

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Year: 2005 Week: 45 Number: -1

=== Technical news ===-[Sitemap] We now provide sitemaps for all Wikimedia wikis.Sitemaps are XML lists of all the pages in a website.

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