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Month: October 2005

Year: 2005 Week: 44 Number: -2

=== Technical news === -[China] After the move to the Korean cluster for an short time Wikipedia was back online in China. But it is blocked again. === Foundation === -[UN & Wikipedia] The UN is holding the second of two gatherings for its “World Summit on the Information Society” [WSIS] in a few weeks ( ). Wikimedia is sending representatives to the event. Translations are needed. -[] the co-operation with Wikipedia and gives unrest in the community === Stats === – The Frisian Wikipedia has reached 2,000 pages. === Feedback request === This is number -2 of Wikizine. In a few weeks I need to dicide of the expermiment of Wikizine will stop or not. If you have commons about Wikizine please let my known. wikizine at Editor:...

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Year: 2005 Week: 43 Number: -3

=== Technical news ===- Wikipedia blocked in China[Specify Skin] You can include inside the url the skin to be used, alsofor anonymous...

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Year: 2005 Week: 42 Number: -4

Technical news-[Static Wikipedia] is available for download -[edit counter] When did you made your first edit and how many edits haveyou made?[Helpdesk-l] is an mailing...

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Year: 2005 Week: 41 Special edition

By [[w:nl:gebruiker:Walter]]Why do I get this ??You probably do not remember it but you are an member of the mailing list “Announce-l”. This list is created in November 2002. Even in that time, when Wikipedia was much and much smaller then now, it was...

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Year: 2005 Week: 41 Number: -5

Technical news -[Rename user] This option is disappeared. No news why or if it will return. -[Nuke] On the Wiki of Meta the is an new option for sysops “Massdelete” (Special:Nuke). This tool allows for mass deletions of pagesrecently added by a given user or IP. -[Korean Wikipedia] has moved to the Yahoo-cluster in Korea. This is thefirst real use of this cluster. Other East Asian wikis will follow. -[IRC-Wikimedia] the IRC-channels of the Wikimedia have moved. All#prefix.wikixxx has changed. -[IRC-usernames] Freenode will also change policy for the usernames. Notyet active. Politics -[Wikinews] will now be using the Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 License Stats -[Alexa] says Wikipedia is now around the 32th most popular website Other news -[deads] French core contributor dies...

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